• Jerry Saieg         SLT

    Speech- Language Pathologist          Mr. Saieg

    (904) 346-56450                                      saiegj@duvalschools.org

    As our Speech - Language Pathologist, Mr. Saeig, pays close attention to the scholars in our building who have Speech and/or Language impairements. He works closely with those PreK-5th grade scholars who require his services on their speaking, vocabuarly, phonics, reading & writing skills to make sure they have the tools for success inside the classroom.

    What does a Speech - Language Pathologist do?

    • Evaluates referred scholars and shares results with both the parents/families & educational team.

    • Develops and implements Individual Education Plans (I.E.P.'s) for scholars with Speech and/or Language impairements.

    • Communicates and collaborates with parents/families and the school community for the purpose of fostering individual student success & growth.

    • Educates parents/families on the therapy program.