The following forms are required for any student-athlete who wants to participate in sports. ALL forms are due at the start of the season and are valid 365 days from the original date on the forms. Athletes WILL NOT be cleared without completion of the required forms!

    1. Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form- EL2

    2. Verification of Health Insurance Coverage Requirements Form

    3. Consent and Release from Liability Certificate Form- EL3

    4. High School Sportsmanship Contract Form

    *5. Affidavit of Compliance with the Policies on Athletic Recruiting & Non-Traditional Student Participation Form- GA4

    *6. Registration for Home Education Student and Verification of Student Registration with Public School District Home Education Office Forms- EL7 and EL7V

    *7. Home Education Student Academic Progress Report Form- EL9

    *8. Registration, Verification, and Certification for Non-Member Private School Students Forms- EL12, EL12V, and EL12C

    *9. Verification of Student Controlled Open Enrollment Option with Public School District or Charter/Lab School Board Form- EL14

    *Only complete if needed!

     Questions? Please contact John DeBruhl.