• Policies and Procedures



    The following policies and procedures were established to sustain a comprehensive athletic training program here at First Coast High School. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Peterson.


    Participation policies: ALL student-athletes must have their paperwork completed and signed by a qualifying physician before participation of sport; this includes conditioning, in-season, and off-season. Athletic paperwork includes physical and sportsmanship packet. Parents, students, and physician signatures must be on all paperwork. Students transferring must have paperwork on file at FCHS before participation. Home-schooled athletes may require additional paperwork.


    Athletic Training Facility policies:

    • Sign-in if you need to be treated
    • Athletes will get treated based off of sign-in sheet; first come first serve
    • RESPECT everyone in this room; or you will be asked to leave
    • No foul language
    • No horse playing
    • No equipment, cleats, or sharp items on tables
    • Not a hang out; if you do not need treatment leave

    Physician Referral Policies: If an athlete has been seen by a physician for any reason ALL paperwork must be given to the certified athletic trainer. This allows the certified athletic trainer to notify those on accommodations the athlete might require. Also, if the certified athletic trainer has determined an injury requires referral to a medical specialist for further evaluation or treatment, then she will contact the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the athlete to discuss the recommendation for referral.

    Our team physician serves as a volunteer supervisor over our sports medicine team. For referrals to a physician the first option is the family health care provider. If the athlete DOES NOT have a family health care provider, then our team physician may be an alternate choice for the athlete or the athlete may be referred to another medical specialist instead. Parent(s)/guardian(s) should allow the certified athletic trainer authorization to communicate directly with the treating physician regarding the sports-related injury. For the safety of the athlete they must give the certified athletic trainer the appropriate clearance documentation from the treating physician to return to play. It is the responsibility of the athlete and their parent(s)/guardian(s) to ensure that the treating physician forwards ALL requested paperwork to the certified athletic trainer.

    Written clearance documentation to return to play DOES NOT guarantee the athlete will be able to immediately return to the highest level of physical activity. Therefore, it is important for the certified athletic trainer to reevaluate an injury in order to determine the athlete's readiness to return to full participation. It is important for the coaches and certified athletic trainer to maintain good communication about the athlete returning to play following an injury.

    The certified athletic trainer is the on-site healthcare provider with the responsibility and authority to withhold any athlete from participation if they believe the athlete is at further risk of injury. The certified athletic trainer works under the direction of a supervising physician via a standard operational protocol.