•        "ACP Ed White The information and networking building is awesome!"

      "Hands-on review of tasks in Blackboard coupled with discussions was most 


           "Instructors are awesome."

            "The training definitely increased my knowledge of pedagogy. 

     "I would highly recommend the training to others."

    "This is one of the best professional develpoment trainings I have attended."

                  "I was wondering how they would keep us engaged all week, but they did a tremendous job!                           

                                "We learned so much and the process cards will be incredibly helpful."   

                                                "Thank you for spending the week with me!"                                      

    "Those without College of Education degrees NEED this information."

                                                  process cards                  


    "The facilitators really cared and modeled things I will use."

    "I really appreciated the alignment of the FEAPs to the activities we were doing."

    "Instructors were fantastic!"

     ACP Ed