Change your Can't into Can

Tutoring and College Readiness

  • Tutoring

    It is important that you speak with your teachers about academic issues you are having in their classes. Often times, they can provide the best level of support for you through their own interventions and tutoring options. Please contact your teacher to see about tutoring offerings.

    NHS Tutoring Form 

    Darnell-Cookman offers tutoring through our National Honor Society Students on campus every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00pm. Please fill out the NHS Tutoring Form and return to Guidance to attend. NHS Tutoring Form 2022-2023

    Khan Academy

    The official SAT Practice site, Khan Academy is also used for other tutoring platforms, with a variety of subjects.

    College and Post-Secondary Success Tools 

    Whether it's finding the right college and major for you, or just tracking your successes to help you prepare for post-secondary, use these helpful sites and apps available to both parents and students.

    Florida Shines Track your progress in school, and research colleges that may be of interest to you.

    Bureau of Labor Statistics See the stats of your future career choices, and steps it takes to make it a reality.

    Big Future Career Road Map Make a plan to succeed! This Collegeboard feature allows you to plan your own road map to find your perfect school that meets your location, career, and financial needs.