• Parent and Student Handbook

    Click here to download the complete Parent and Family Handbook.

    This handbook has been designed to answer many questions. It contains general information
    and policies of the school. Please keep it throughout the school year for your reference and
    refer to it periodically.

    We extend an invitation to you to visit our school, attend your child’s programs and become an
    active member in the PTA and volunteer programs. We are very happy to have you and your
    child with us at Beauclerc Elementary School!

    Every student is inspired and prepared for successful leadership in college or a
    career, with an embracing understanding of diverse cultures.

    To provide excellent educational experiences through leadership as well as
    through bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural dual language opportunities in every
    classroom, for every student, every day and in every home.

    Duval County Public Schools Websites:
    www.duvalschools.org - For the latest information about Duval County Public Schools, including
    calendars, and links to school sites, log on to duvalschools.org. Changes in policies and procedures,
    newsletters, and coming events are prominently displayed. You may also use this site to contact School
    Board Members and School District personnel. Also, please check the Beauclerc Elementary website for
    up-to-date information at www.duvalschools.org/beauclerc