Principal Wilcox
  • Ms. Jamelle S. Wilcox, Principal

    Greetings Westside Family,

    I am enthused about my transition back to the High School setting as the Instructional Leader. As I shift into year 8 as a Principal, I look forward to continuing the academic work that has been implemented here at Westside High School, and increasing the culture and recognition of the school's accomplishments. 

    As a Jacksonville native and a graduate of Duval County Public Schools, I am motivated to make an impact in the lives of our students, just as my teachers and administrators did for me. High School is an impressioable time for students, as it is the milestone before adulthood. It is our goal, at Westside, to prepare students not only for Post-Secondary education, but the Career industry as well. 

    Last year, Westside High School did a pheonomenal job with "Breaking the Myth", this year we are challenging ourselves to be Trendsetters: Setting the Trend in Cultural Responsiveness, College Readiness and Career Exploration. We will continue to focus on higher levels of learning, strengthening our standards based instructional practice and fostering relationships with our students. While schools did not earn an accountability grade this past year, Westside High School will continue to target the same academic goals, set in the previous school year, in plans to earn an accountabilty grade of a 'B'!  

    This year does in fact come with some challenges, as we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Westside High School is committed to maintaining the health and safety of all students, faculty and staff. We have implemented health and safety measures for everyone, in order to keep down the spread of COVID19. All constituents will adhere to temperature checks daily, be required to wear facial coverings (at all times while on campus), maintain cleanliness of the hands and social distance in all interactions.

    We will all work together, to ensure a succesful school year! 

    Again, it is my esteem pleasure to serve as the Instructional Leader of Westside High School, Home of the Wolverines! 


    Jamelle S. Wilcox, Principal

    "A child who is to be successful, is not to be reared exclusively on a bed of down." ~ African Proverb