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  • American Founders' Month 2018

    National Constitution Day & Celebrate Freedom Week

  • Section(s.) 683.1455, Florida Statutes designates the month of September as American Founders' Month and s. 1003.421, F.S., recognizes the last full week of classes in September in public schools as Celebrate Freedom Week. As directed by the Florida Department of Education, Celebrate Freedom Week must include at least three hours of appropriate programs, meetings, services, or celebrations that include an in-depth study of the intent, meaning and importance of the Declaration of Independence.  

    To read the full memorandum from Florida Department of Education Chancellor of Public Schools, Hershel Lyons, click here
    To view a copy of the Governor's proclomation clink here.  

    Below are links to lesson resources and activites by grade level. 

    National Constitution Day is September 17 2018 and Celebrate Freedom Week is the last week in September.