• Jacksonville

  • “The vision of the Social Studies Department is to increase the awareness of Social Studies education through high-quality professional development, equity for all students, structured school support, and continued partnerships with content experts and stakeholders.”

  • (Our path to achieving our vision)


    1. The Social Studies Department will engage teachers in professional development through high-quality interactive training that aims to grow the professional practice to meet the learning and instructional goals.


    1. The Social Studies Department will provide teachers and schools with direct and meaningful support through modeling, coaching, and observations to help build foundations for teachers and improve student success.


    1. The Social Studies Department will put the best interest of all students first and work towards being inclusive of all learners and diverse learning needs.


    1. The Social Studies Department will continue to develop partnerships with all stakeholders in developing and improving the social studies education program that fosters the attainment of historical knowledge on the local, national, and global stages.


    1. The Social Studies Department will develop, improve, and implement standards-aligned social studies curriculum and resources that cultivate learning, promotes diversity, and supports students in developing skills to make real-world connections and become active citizens in the local, national, and global community.
  • Department Contacts


    Erin Conklin


    Instructional Specialists: 

    Jessica Brothers


    Dan Cannon


    Joseph Evans


    Tifany Evans



    Phil Little


    Administrative Assistant:

    Ms. Nannie Boller

  • The Social Studies Department is located in the Main School Board building on the 4th floor