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    Contact Henry Colado at coladoh@duvalschools.org if you have any questions.

    All parents are now required to go on http://aktivate.com/ to complete athletic information.  Below is the Physical Evaluation forms need to be uploaded to the aktivate system.

    Required Physical Evaluation Form

    Parent/Athlete Handbook

    To purchase tickets: https://gofan.co/app/school/FL25623

    For sports insurance: Insurancehttps://kidguardinsurance.com/

    Football email Coach Bonar at bonarm@duvalschools.org

    Volleyball email Coach Colado at coladoh@duvalschools.org 

    Girls Soccer email Coach Garner at  garnerd4@duvalschools.org  

    Boys Soccer email Coach Fretz at fretzs@duvalschools.org  

    Girls Basketball email Coach Belle at smileyl1@duvalschools.org  

    Boys Basketball email Coach Gilliland at gillilandm@duvalschools.org

    Girls Track email Coach Meyerowich at meyerowichh@duvalschools.org

    Boys Track email Coach Colado at coladoh@duvalschools.org   

    Girls Softball email Coach Macias at maciasj@duvalschools.org   

    Boys Baseball email Coach McGiveron at mcgiveronm@duvalschools.org

    Golf Team email Coach Runquist at runquiste@duvalschools.org

    Girl's Swim Coach Colado at coladoh@duvalschools.org   

    Boy's Swim Coach Colado at coladoh@duvalschools.org   



    TEAM                                DATES                  TIME                                  PLACE                                                  COACH

    Softball Tryouts               Feb 27-28           4:20 pm                             San Pablo Fields                       Macias/Gwisz

    Baseball tryouts              Feb 28-29           4:30 pm                             San Pablo Fields                       McGiveron/Garner

    Track Try-out                    Feb 26                7:45 a.m.                           Track                                          Orso/Meyerowich

    Swimming Try-outs         Mar 11                 TBA                                  Swim                                          Cody/Pizani

    Flag Football Try-outs     April 1-2            7:45 am                            Fields behind stadium             McKenzie          

    Cheer Tryouts                  April 4-5            4:30 pm                            Gym                                            James/Diamond