Garden and Enviromental

The following opportunities provide funding opportunities for gardening as well as environmental activities. Do you know of a grant that isn't listed here? Send it to the Grants Office to include on the list.


Garden Opportunities

  • Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc.: Available to general education teachers who have agriculture-related classroom or schoolyard projects they would like to carry out. 

    Florida Farm Bureau: Mini-grants to teachers for agriculture in classroom projects. 

    Gardens for Good: The focus is on community gardens that make fresh organic food more accessible in the local neighborhood. Grants must be used specifically for the development of an organic garden that will supply food to a nonprofit feeding agency such as a food bank, soup kitchen, emergency pantry, shelter, before- or after-school program, or other similar types of programs. 

    Green Education Foundation: Funds Garden projects at schools. 

    Herb Society of America: Provides funds for classrooms to create herb gardens for elementary schools.

    Katie's Krops: Start vegetable gardens to feed people in need. 

    Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund: Projects must focus on appreciation for nature through the use of and teaching about native plants. Projects must involve students and volunteers in planning and carrying out the project. 

    Project Learning Tree: For environmental service-learning projects that link classroom learning to the real world by designing projects to green their school or to improve an aspect of their neighborhood’s environment. 

    Teaching Gardens Network Grant Program: Partnered with CAULIPOWER to sponsor the American Heart Association’s Teaching Garden Network award grants to 50 organizations to help their garden space thrive. New and existing gardens are eligible. It must support children’s health and nutrition, and the environment.

    The Klorane Botanical Foundation: Budding Botanist Grant will help our youngest citizens learn about plants, explore their world and inspire them to take care of the life they discover in their local ecosystems. Eighteen high-need schools across the United States will be awarded $1000 in grant funding to support their youth garden programs.

    Whole Kids Foundation Grants: Multiple grants provide funding for projects at schools. 

    Wild One's Seeds for Education Grant: Project goals should focus on developing an appreciation for nature using native plants and natural landscapes.

    Youth Garden Grant: Sponsored by, this grant supports school and youth educational garden projects that enhance the quality of life for students and their communities.

Environment Opportunities

  • Blue Schools Grant Program: Encourages students to enhance their knowledge of Florida's water resources.

    Celebrate Urban Birds Mini-Grant Program: These mini-grants are focused on promoting events that center on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in birdwatching and ornithology. Grants may be used to support a bird activity day at a local museum, after-school program, library, or community center, or fund art and gardening activities at a club, business, school, senior center, or neighborhood. Organizations working with underserved communities are strongly encouraged to apply. All applicants (even if they do not win funds to carry out their events) receive free materials and training.

    Energize the Environment GrantProvides funds to an individual or group pursuing a program or initiative designed to benefit our environment.

    Every Kid Outdoors Transportation Grants Program: Grants, through the National Park Trust, will be provided to schools and organizations looking for the funding needed to connect kids in their community to local public lands and water through a positive and impactful outdoor experience. Funded outdoor field trips should meet one or more of the following objectives: align with classroom curricula, encourage health and wellness through outdoor recreation, and/or foster future outdoor stewards.

    Good Neighbor Citizenship Company Grants: Support student service-learning activity, advocacy, and information initiatives to raise awareness and help communities in one or more of the three following areas: natural and societal disaster preparedness, driver safety, accessing higher education/closing the achievement gap, financial education, environmental responsibility.

    Lexus Eco-challenge: It gets students involved in project-based learning, teamwork, and skill-building as they identify an environmental issue that affects their community.

    Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Grants: The grant program supports educators in developing and implementing holistic environmental curricula that: integrate field activities and classroom teaching, and incorporate basic ecological principles and problem-solving. 

    New PIG Grant Program: Funds projects that restore, conserve, and protect America’s most important habitats:  streams, rivers, ponds, swamps, and wetlands.

    State Farm Service-Learning Grants: Provides funds to raise awareness and help communities in environmental responsibility.

    Waste Management: Provides funds for environmental projects and environmental education.

    Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund: Funds programs that work in the areas of affordable housing and shelter, education and youth development, environmental stewardship, and human services within the Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation service area.