• ClearDirection Domain A: Clear Direction

    The capacity to agree upon, define and clearly communicate to stakeholders the direction, mission and goals that the institution is committed to achieving.


    Artifact 1:  Board Policy Review Procedures Webpage

    This page illustrates the policy review procedures, subcommittee meetings dates, and the board policies

    Board Policy Review Link


    Artifact 2:  Board Development

    This link provides minutes of the November 15, 2016 Board Development Session facilitated by Center for Reform of School Systems (CRSS) 

    Board Development Minutes Nov 2016 Link


    Artifact 3:  District Philosophy Board Policies

    This is a link to the board policies concerning the district philosophy, including district vision, mission, core values, goals and strategies, and strategic planning

    Chapter 1 - District Philosophy Board Policies Link


    Artifact 4:  School Board Governance and Oversight Board Policies

    This link provides the board policies concerning governance and oversight, including the policies regarding constituent services, continuous improvement, board member requests, board meeting protocol, and board sanctioned advisory councils

    Chapter 2 - School Board Governance and Oversight Policies Link  


    Artifact 5:  Superintendent Search Process

    This page provides the process used in planning and implementing the superintendent search process during the 2017-2018 school year, including planning meeting minutes, search firm selection, stakeholder processes and feedback, and interviews with community focus groups

    Superintendent Search Link


    Artifact 6:  Strategic Plan Board Meeting Presentation, Agenda, Minutes, and Webcast

    This link includes the powerpoint presentation by the Board Chair to district stakeholders at the January 8, 2018 Regular School Board Meeting, along with the meeting agenda and minutes, and recorded webcast, concerning the updated Strategic Plan which includes the district vision, mission, core values, goals and strategies, and strategic plan

    Strategic Plan Board Chair Presentation

    January Board Meeting Link

    January Board Meeting Webcast


    Artifact 7:  Strategic Plan Overview Webpage

    This webpage provides information about the district Strategic Plan in a one-page overview

    Strategic Plan Webpage