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    What is continuous improvement?

    Continuous Improvement is a process of capturing systems and processes, assessing their effectiveness, and adjusting actions based on that assessment. Systems become effective by utilizing this concept of systematic analysis and adjustments. This infinite process is an ongoing process of learning, self-reflection, adaptation, and growth.


    What does the process look like in practice?

    The Continuous Improvement process, in conjunction with the strategic plan, ensures that all stakeholders understand the overall district vision and mission and how we will achieve it.


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    How do you measure effectiveness?

    Effectiveness and fidelity measures are identified as part of the 8-Step Planning and Problem-Solving Process. District targets are developed and aligned to the Florida Department of Education’s strategic plan targets.


    What is the continuous improvement framework?

    The district has aligned their way of work to the state adopted systems as outlined in board policy 2.16. Like the Florida Department of Education, school based and district based needs assessments are aligned within the framework of University of Chicago’s 5Essentials and the action planning process is aligned to the 8-Step Planning and Problem-Solving Process.