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  • The DCPS Science Department would like to thank the following contributors to our 2020 District Science Fair.


    Discovery Education

    Corporate Judges & Volunteers

    COJ & Government Judges & Volunteers

    FOX 30 Meteorologists

    Community & Professional Vendors & Judges

    Philip Randolph Forensics

    Ed White, Robert E. Lee, William M. Raines High schools

     Fort Caroline, Lake Shore, Landmark Middle schools

    DCPS Academic Services Dept.

    College and University Science Depts. – Vendors & Judges


  • Duval County Public Schools 2020 Secondary Science Fair winners

    Grand Prize: Tirth Shah, project titled: Investigating the Antacid Potency of Natural Vitamin Antacids vs. Synthetic Antacids in Mild GERD - Twin Lakes Academy

    6th Grade

    1st Place: Joseph Dugo - Twin Lakes Academy

    2nd Place: Finnegan McMahon - Homeschool

    3rd Place: Lily Pinto - Seaside Charter School

    7th  Grade

    1st Place: Marie Williams - Twin Lakes Academy

    2nd Place: Jayla Covington - Twin Lakes Academy

    3rd Place: Kayla Creasy and Sienna King - Twin Lakes Academy

    8th Grade

    1st Place: Jacob Freeman - Kirby Smith Middle School

    2nd Place: Benjamin York - Twin Lakes Academy

    3rd Place: Sarah Robinson - Kirby Smith Middle School

    9th Grade

    1st Place: Kristi Biswas - Paxon School for Advanced Studies

    2nd Place: Angela Almuhasib - Mandarin High School

    3rd Place: Matthew Yee - Mandarin High School

    10th Grade

    1st Place: Nicole Stover - Samuel W. Wolfson School for Advanced Studies and Leadership

    2nd Place: Maurice Purvis - Edward H. White High School

    3rd Place: Azie Teruel - Edward H. White High School

    11th Grade

    1st Place: Amy Yan - Stanton College Preparatory School

    2nd Place: Aditi Verma - Stanton College Preparatory School

    3rd Place: Cherokee Morris - Westside High School

    12th Grade

    1st Place: Imran Nasrullah - Stanton College Preparatory School

    2nd Place: Monica Gupta - Stanton College Preparatory School


    Additional Awards

    PENDA Top Scorers Awards

    Tirth Shah - Twin Lakes Academy

    Nicole Stover - Samuel W. Wolfson School for Advanced Studies and Leadership


    Discovery Education Innovation Award

    Benjamin York - Pressurized Power - Twin Lakes Academy

    Anne Prevatt - The Picky Pellicles - Seaside Charter School

    Anish Gude - The Effect of pH on Amylase Activity - James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory Middle School

    Maya Nafea - The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on The Regeneration of Planarians - Mandarin High School

    Ciara Sanders - Is it possible to have an oil-free ocean and how can we make it happen? - Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

    SPARK Award

    Imran Nasrullah - The Combinatory Effects of Lapatinib and Ssi-4 on Her2+ Brest Cancer - Stanton College Preparatory School

  • Science Fair Coordnator updates

    Project Categories:

    We are unable to alter the ISEF form which has 21 categories.


    The following categories will not be used, and if students check these categories, we will reassign them:

    • Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

    • Embedded Systems

    • Systems software

    • Translational Medical Sciences

    ISEF Forms Wizard Link (to determine which forms to use): https://ruleswizard.societyforscience.org/