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  • Important Dates:

    1. Friday, October 4, 2019: Coordinator submits Participation Form to pinnixi@duvalschools.org
    2. Friday, January 10, 2020: Submission of project Abstract forms to bakerl@duvalschools.org
    3. Delivery of project boards:
      1. Option #1: Thursday, Jan. 23, and Friday, Jan. 24, 2020: Come to the SRC (behind Southside Middle School at 2924 Knights Mill Lane Road E, Bldg. #3, 32216) from 7 am to 6 pm.
      2. Option #2: Tuesday, January 28th until 12 noon at UNF Herbert Center
    4. Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020: Science Fair Field Trip to UNF at the Herbert Center

    science explosion


    Projects which require approval from DCPS and additional forms prior to beginning the experiment:

    1. Use of Humans
    2. Use of Vertebrate Animals
    3. Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents
    4. Hazardous Chemicals, Activities, and Devices


    Projects conducted at a research institution require form 1C, and projects continuing from a previous year require form 7.

    Here are the documents that you will need for Science Fair:

    1. Participation Form - this form needs to be completed by Oct. 4, 2019 by the Science Fair Coordinator and returned to a Secondary Science Specialist.
    2. MS/HS Timeline - a suggested set of calendar dates to keep students on track with their projects.
    3. Project Handbook - optional information about projects that you may wish to use with your students.
    4. Abstract Form - each student should complete the abstract and attach it to their project boards.  This form may not be saved, but can be printed upon completion, so save the body of the abstract as a separate document. Abstracts should be submitted to a Specialist by Monday, November 30, 2018.
    5. ISEF Forms - all ISEF forms (https://sspcdn.blob.core.windows.net/files/Documents/SEP/ISEF/2020/Forms/All.pdf); each student should complete the Student Checklist (1A), a Research Plan, and Approval From (1B)  prior to beginning their project in order to be eligible for State or International Fair competition.  See the list on the left for additional form information.
    6. ISEF Rules Book -  a link to complete information on ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) guidelines. https://sspcdn.blob.core.windows.net/files/Documents/SEP/ISEF/2020/Rules/Book.pdf
      1. ISEF Rules changes  - a link to the rule changes for ISEF 2020 https://sspcdn.blob.core.windows.net/files/Documents/SEP/ISEF/2020/Rules/Changes-Clarifications.pdf

    Fill in Abstract  DCPS Science Fair Handbook 2018-2019  MS Timeline HS timeline  School Participation form

  • Science Fair Coordnator updates

    Project Categories:

    We are unable to alter the ISEF form which has 21 categories.


    The following categories will not be used, and if students check these categories, we will reassign them:

    • Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

    • Embedded Systems

    • Systems software

    • Translational Medical Sciences

    ISEF Forms Wizard Link (to determine which forms to use): https://ruleswizard.societyforscience.org/