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  • DCPS 2021 Secondary Science Fair results 2020/2021


    Special Mention - Monish Anantharaman, Cameron Cowles, and Ayden Fleming - Seed Germination - Oak Hill Academy

    Middle school

    7th grade 3rd place: Brayden Westberry – A Bubbles Favorite Environment - Twin Lakes Academy

    7th grade 2nd place: Boston Slattman - Rust of Steel Vs. Water Salinity - Twin Lakes Academy

    7th grade 1st place: Robert Damico - Which Material Allows UV Light to Penetrate the Fastest? - Twin Lakes Academy


    8th grade 3rd place: Nalba West-Ramirez - Effect of Teachers Wearing Face Masks on Students' Learning - Fort Caroline Middle

    8th grade 2nd place: Noah Tyrrell - An O-Ring Discovery - Twin Lakes Academy

    8th grade 1st place: Jason Whitney - The Effects of Wind Barrier Design for Bridges on Vehicle Safety - Twin Lakes Academy


    High school

    9th grade 3rd place: Maile Mons - Will different colored lights affect how many moths you can catch? - Duncan U. Fletcher High

    9th grade 2nd place: Eljandro Ortega - The Moth & The Flame - Duncan U. Fletcher High

    9th grade 1st place: Jalen Chirumbolo - Does Increased Nitrogen in Water Increase Algae Growth? - Duncan U. Fletcher High


    11th grade 1st place: Aryan Lamba - Do different cooking methods affect the level of Vitamin C in Broccoli? - Atlantic Coast High School


    1st runner up - Nicole Stover - Dissolved Oxygen Augmentation Effects on the Hydroponic Cultivation of Eruca sativa in a NFT System - Samual W. Wolfson

    Grand prize - Kristi Biswas - Novel Geotaxic Data Show Botanical Therapeutics Slow Parkinson's Disease in A53T and Parkin KO Models - Paxon School of Advanced Studies


  • If you have any questions about Science Fair please email us at 2820_secondarysciencefair@duvalschoolsorg.onmicrosoft.com


    Dr. Inga Pinnix: Secondary Science Fair Facilitator 

    Angela Reier: Secondary Science Fair Co-Facilitator