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    1. Set a schedule.

    2. Complete lessons from start to finish in one sitting. This means starting at the first part of the lesson and finish through the quiz or other assessment piece. When you divide your time and bounce around to different classes, it slows progress. 

    3. Attend all virtual lessons offered by your teachers. Find the lesson times and dates by checking your message center, calendar in Edgenuity or by contacting your teacher.

    4. Work 300 minutes throughout the day. Plan chunks of work time where the only task is completing work. Plan chunks of time that will allow you to complete entire lessons in one sitting.

    5. Set weekly goals and use the progress monitoring sheet below.

    Progress Monitoring Sheet Set Up - Directions

    1. Download and PRINT the progress monitoring sheet.

    2. Locate the current week and date.

    3. List courses on the left side of the sheet that contains the current date. 

    4. Write the current percent complete and overall grade under current date next to the corresponding course name. 

    5. Based on today's date, set your weekly goal. For year long classes, your goal should be 0.5% per day. For semester courses, the goal should be 1% per day. Add up the daily percentage and write in the goal section at the end of the week. (See sample below)

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           To find your Edgenuity data to use the progress monitoring sheet, follow these easy steps below:

    1. Login to the Edgenuity SIS. 
    2. Click your course name on the dashboard to enter the LMS.
    3. Click “Organizer”. 
    4. Click “Reports”. 
    5. Click “Progress Reports”.
    6. Locate the “Course Completed” percentage and write it in the corresponding box.
    7. Locate the “Overall Grade” percentage and write it in the corresponding box.