DCPS Physical Education waiver for grades K-8

  • Our physical education program(s) stress physical fitness and encourage healthful and active lifestyles. District policy states that every student shall have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the district’s physical education program whose mission is to develop in students the skills, knowledge, motivation, and behaviors that promote highest student achievement and a lifelong commitment to wellness centered around a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

     The Middle School Physical Education Program is based upon the following: 

    • Assessment, improvement and maintenance of health-related fitness;
    • Opportunities for development of competency in many movement forms;
    • Opportunities for use of technology to enhance health-related fitness and the acquisition of skills and knowledge in a variety of physical activities; and
    • Participation regularly in health-enhancing physical activity outside the physical education class.

     The school district’s Middle School Physical Education Program requires that students in grades 6-8 shall have daily scheduled physical education for three years as outlined below.  Please note that these are six individual-semester physical education courses specified by grade level by the Florida Department of Education (CPALMS).  The curriculum content is specific to each individual course.  The intent is to offer and expose middle school students to more of a variety and a larger number of sports and physical activities that can be done outside of school.

     Course #              Course Title

    Grade 6

    1508000                M/J Fitness

    1508100                M/J Educational Gymnastics/Educational Dance (Elective)

    1508600                M/J Comprehensive 6/7 (Elective)

     Grade 7

    1508200                M/J Team Sports

    1508300                M/J Outdoor Pursuits/Aquatics (Elective)

    1508600                M/J Comprehensive 6/7 (Elective)

    1508700                M/J Comprehensive 7/8 (Elective)

     Grade 8

    1508500                M/J Individual/Dual Sports

    1508400                M/J Extreme/Alternative Sports (Elective)

    1508700                M/J Comprehensive 7/8 (Elective)

     The implementation of Senate Bill 610 went into effect during the 2009-2010 academic year. This legislation included statute 1003.455, F.S., which mandated that students in grades 6 - 8 are required to take the equivalence of one (1) semester of physical education in grades 6, 7, and 8. In addition, the statute established criteria for exemption through the following waiver process.

    State and local requirements allow middle school physical education waivers for the following: 

    1. Enrollment in remedial courses under curriculum suspension approved by the principal can be required for students in any grade 6-8 with a Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP);
    2. Enrollment in another course from among those courses offered as options by the school district subject to parent/guardian request and principal’s approval and the school district’s middle school director’s approval.
    3. Participation in physical education activities outside the school day which are equal to or in excess of the school district’s required physical education curriculum subject to parent/guardian’s request and principal’s approval and the school district’s physical education subject area specialist’s approval.
      1. Physical activities outside of the school day that meet the requirement are those that the parent indicates in writing are equivalent to 75 hours (250 minutes per week for a minimum of eighteen [18] weeks) during the designated semester. This option is intended as an opportunity for students to enroll in an elective course or accelerated course in place of the physical education course. It is NOT intended as an option for early dismissal. The expectation is that students are enrolled in classes for seven (7) periods per instructional day. A physical education waiver request form is required.

     In order for a waiver to be requested, the DCPS Physical Education Requirement Waiver Request form must be completed and turned into the district’s Health Education and Physical Education Office within 10 days of the course’s start date. Please note that, in addition to completing this form, parents and guardians requesting this waiver option must also submit a detailed written description of their student’s participation in physical education activities outside the school day which are equal to or in excess of the designated required physical education course for which they are requesting a waiver.  They must show specific evidence that their student’s activities are equal to or in excess of the designated required physical education course curriculum.   Descriptions of each physical education course can be found in the CPALMS website at www.cpalms.org.

     Also please note that there are no waivers available for medical reasons. DCPS HEPE physical education courses are designed to be adapted to meet students’ individual needs. Physical education teachers should be included in the IEP or 504 plan discussions to ensure that proper modifications are provided to the student. In the event of a temporary medical concern, the teacher will provide adaptations to accommodate the student’s abilities.