• Car Drop off Procedures/Bussing Procedures     Car Drop off is located at the Main Entrance; Bussing  Procedures: Students are expected to follow all guidelines for appropriate procedures while riding the school bus which are but not limited t

    -arriving to the bus stop 10 minutes prior to bus pick up time

    -taking responsibility for their behavior and conduct themselves in a respectful, orderly manner while waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive

    -entering the bus in an orderly manner and take their assigned seats as quickly as possible

    -remaining seated in a forward-facing position

    -avoiding making loud noises and keep voices at a low level

    -wearing seat belt at all times


    A student who boards or attempts to board a bus other than the one they are assigned or at a location other than the one they are assigned without prior school administration permission is considered to be a 2.27 code of student conduct offense and subject to formal disciplinary action.