• Restricted Eating

    Posted by Veronica Granger on 1/17/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Every students favorite thing to do has now been restricted, at least in classrooms that is. Food and drinks have been restricted from the classroom per Principal Simmons request. It is effective immediately due to the infestations found in classrooms.

    “The custodial staff has been combating and fighting rodents, the smell of food and food in the trash cans attract more rodents to the school,” says Principal Simmons.

    More rodents began to show up after winter break.

    The rodents are looking for a place to go due to the cold weather outside and the added benefit of food attracts them to the classrooms where students leave food and wrappers, not always making it to the trash can.

    “We have a contract with people who come and spray, but you can’t keep combatting if there’s a large number of them, which requires the custodial staff to do much more work in the evening and at night than they should have to do,” Principal Simmons comments.

    The cafeteria is the most sprayed area in the school and is cleaned around the clock, so there have been no rodent findings in the lunch area or kitchen at all.

    An email was sent out to teachers notifying them of the new rule in place, advising them to restrict all food and drink, with the exception of water and students with medical needs, in the classroom at all times.

    However, this rule does not mean that there can no longer be classroom parties, but it does come with standards, as it always has.

    “All parties have to be approved by any administrators, so if a teacher wanted to throw a party or have food it has to be pre-approved. We want to make sure that it’s tied to a standard or some incentive,” Simmons says.

    This rule will continue throughout the rest of the school year, but it has been in place before hand. This new rule is a reminder and an alert to all teachers and staff of the problem.  

    “I would ask that teachers go to the students and remind them of the rule, each teacher has been assigned to have individual classroom consequences,” Principal Simmons says.

    A first offense would be a warning, second offense would be a call to parents, and a third or fourth offense you would have to be written up on a referral for not abiding by school rules.

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  • Bucky the Buccaneer is Back

    Posted by Arianna Cantrell on 1/7/2019 1:30:00 PM

    Bucky the Buccaneer has been First Coast’s most spirited sports fan for many years. Last year the crowd at football games seemed different, Bucky was nowhere in sight. For the entire 2017-2018 school year, First Coast students had to figure out a way to cover for Bucky during his unexplained absence.


    Bucky has officially returned to the sideline scene. He made his great return half way through the football season, appearing at the home game on Oct. 5.


    Many have wondered where Bucky has been hiding this past year, thinking of the adventures he has been on, but in reality, Bucky explained that he was “out of town with his family and taking care of their ship.” While being on a ship for a year he had to have been on some sort of adventures, Bucky had said that his family and himself, “traveled throughout the Atlantic and Pacific oceans looking for gold everywhere we, my family, went.” With the unsuccessfulness of finding buried treasure, he decided to return to doing what he does best, encouraging the football team.


    Bucky was asked what he missed most about First Coast during his break, which he replied with pep rallies because he misses “the smiles on all the students’ faces.” When asked what students should be excited for said, “crazy thing, you’ll have to wait and see.”


    Upon his return, Bucky’s main focuses this year is for people to remember him and to be able to encourage the crowd to cheer for the home team even if they are losing. “I want to bring back the old Bucky”, Bucky explains, “I want to make the games enjoyable again.”


    Bucky will be making many appearances throughout the 2018-2019 school year in hopes to bring back the nostalgia of First Coasts school spirit.

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  • Young Ladies in Charge

    Posted by Armani Thomas on 12/17/2018 8:00:00 AM

    The Ladies of First Coast has recently elected a new cabinet of young ladies this fall to take charge in leading the change in other young ladies’ lives. This mentoring program is a fundamental and pivotal element to help with extinguishing the stereotypes and hardships that young girls face and help turn it into success. These ladies listed are all here for women empowerment and plan to implant their kindness and determination into others. They also have in mind many changes that they want to be made in the school and with the help of their voices will try to fulfill them. 



    Alexis Cooper is currently a senior at First Coast High School. She believed that the Ladies of First Coast was an opportunity for her own self-growth while also influencing other girls positively. She ran for the position simply to educate and provide empathy from the situations she has been through to help other girls like her form a bond. Cooper says, “With Ladies of First Coast we are determined to build a sisterhood and set a standard that other girls will take part in and eventually take pride in while giving back to our community.” Her visions to change the schools not so good reputation by creating positive emotional input into the female students’ lives was also a campaign of Cooper’s. “I wanted to change the negative image most people associate the school with by taking LOFC and creating respectable and determined young ladies that will stay true to themselves.” She is overflowing with compassion to be a good leader and guide each girl to achieve any goal they want. All the characteristics a leading lady should be.



    Vice President

    Brooke Hawkins is an all-around young lady when it comes to involvement in the school.  Hawkins is a member of the National Honors Society and the Spanish Honors society. She also participates in over 5 extracurricular activities including the Women’s choir, Volleyball, Flag Football, and the weightlifting team. Hawkins ran for the position of vice president because she felt she had the experience and qualities to lead a group of younger girls to their full potential. “I’m leading the ladies into the light that I would like to see them go down because I’ve been through things I’ve realized they’ve been through and can lead them into the right path.” Next year she hopes to run for president as she enters her final round of high school. But in the meantime, Hawkins believes her position as Vice President will be strong enough for her to be a catalyst of success in many girls’ lives.




    Onjalice Brown is a sophomore at First Coast High school. Brown enjoys dancing and is a member of the Lady Bucs dance team which is a big positive tor team leadership. Brown’s position as Treasurer was sought out to change the negative things we see in school that reflects badly on our campus. For example, Brown says she wants to help change the bathrooms and their appearance in the inside to keep a tidy school. Another concern of the school Brown wanted to tackle was the altercations between students. She wants to be able to prevent the number of fights in the school. With the Ladies of First Coast platform and the influence she has in this position she believes it will help her in changing the environment we learn in for the better.




    Taylor Meadows is a freshman at First Coast High School. Being, this is her first year of high school she wants to take advantage of all the opportunities she can and the LOFC was a club that could help her make a change for the school as well as help her grow from experience. “I ran for this position to become more involved at school and to become a more rounded student.” Not only does she want her career as a student to be successful but the ladies around her too. Meadows says this was also a good opportunity to build her college portfolio to get into her dream college.

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  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club

    Posted by Angelica Dy on 12/17/2018 8:00:00 AM

    First Coast High School will be launching a reboot of the GSA Club this school year. The Gay Straight Alliance Club is now called the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club. The first club meeting will be held soon after their bylaws are put into place.


    Allison Cerna is the President of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club. Allison has been passionate about the LGBTQ+ because she and her brother are involved in the community. She found out about the club through her teacher last year. The previous club had was mostly full of seniors, so the club dissipated. Though, the first meeting she went to was an amazing experience.


    “Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. They made me feel like I didn’t have to hide.” Allison said. “At the time I wasn’t “out of the closet”. Because of this, I knew that the club was something I didn’t want to end. This club is about creating not only a learning space but creating a safe space where our future members can be themselves and feel supported.”


    The feeling from the meeting she attended interested her to be apart of the club, the atmosphere was good. She wants future members to feel like how she did, to walk into the room and instantly feel like they’ve been transported to their happy place. She wants the club to help everyone.


    “I want this club to be a safe and supportive environment. I’ve been working hard to stray this club up again because I want anyone who is a part of the LGBTQ+ community or alliance can feel like they don’t have to hide.” Allison stated. “I also want this club to be a learning experience for those who aren’t so tolerant, they can learn that even though they may not agree they should still be kind because love is love.”


    The importance of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club is to enlighten the people who aren’t tolerant and to give support to the people who are. The overall purpose of the club is to give people a space to support each other and learn.


    “Love is love and we are people too, we have feelings and we’re all different but the one thing that brings us together is our love for one another. It’s important to me that everyone in the club feels at home because sometimes their actual home isn’t so friendly.” Allison explained.


    The GSA Club committee members are Allison Cerna as President, Jasmine Hensley as Vice President, Earl Brown as Treasurer, Iyanna Bethea as Secretary, and Nate Hughes as Historian. The club will be operated by the committee, but members are welcome to voice their opinions as well.


    Allison would want at least twenty members or more. She prefers that the members of the club to participate in the activities and have fun. She wants them to be themselves. Also, if they have any ideas that they want to see happen, to share with them.


    She intends on getting more students more involved by asking the committee to ask their classes to join but as well spread the news. As well as using social media to their advantage.



    “This club is a team effort and I want to make sure everyone who joins has a great experience,” Allison quoted. “This club is about everyone, it’s only fair that they get a say in what goes on.”


    The club activities will be fun games and presentations. They will revolve around making members feel loved and supported and learning something new.


    Allison says,” I’d love to bring a little surprise to the meeting so all I’m going to say is that we will have guest speakers, presentations, and fun activities.”


    Out of school opportunities and organizations are not being discussed now, however, will be in mind.


    Currently, there are no set conditions on how to join the club and the days the club will meet on.

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  • Brain Brawl

    Posted by Veronica Granger on 12/13/2018 8:10:00 AM

    Brain Brawl is a new addition to the Buccaneer teams at First Coast. It is a competitive, academic after-school program.


    The team operates like the game show Jeopardy with a series of quiz questions in the areas of language arts, math, science, history and even in pop culture. The team goes head-to-head with other schools in competitions.


    Mr. Rodgers, the coach of Brain Brawl team, has been preparing the team since the beginning of the school year in preparation for their first competition this past Saturday in which they went 2-4.


    “We practice through sample questions that have been used previously in competition and ring the buzzer to answer,” Rodgers said. “There will be six different matches that we’ll play against about 36 different teams.”


    Almost every school in Duval County is involved in these competitions.


    This year is the first time the Brain Brawl team has been back in two years at First Coast, allowing students to academically challenge themselves in an after school activity.


    Kaylee Dunn, a member of the Brain Brawl team, missed the environment of a quiz team after transferring to First Coast last year and decided to join the club.


    “I love being part of the team. I love the competitive friendly atmosphere of it the most. It’s a place where I can show off my random knowledge,” Dunn tells of her experience in the team.


    Drury is optimistic as to how the season will go, hoping to do well as a team. 


    “It’s pretty fun, it’s educational but you learn it in such a fun way that you get what you want to learn in a more approachable way than school,” said another team member, Amelia Drury.


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