• Tips for Getting a Job as a Teen

    Posted by Nathaniel Hughes on 2/8/2019 8:15:00 AM

    Getting a job as a teen can be very difficult, between labor laws and extra risk of hiring a minor many employers prefer to hire people 18 and up, but getting hired can be easy. There are a few essential tips to make the application process faster and much more effective.


    Such as applying to every place you can find but start by looking up a list of employers in your area that hire teenagers these places are typically establishments that deal in food service and retail such as Subway, McDonald’s, Marshalls, etc. Once you have a list assembled look up the name of the establishment and then “jobs” or “careers” after this will most likely take you to either the employers actual website with an application or to a 3rd party site like Indeed or Snagajob that has the application.


    Another important thing to keep in mind while applying is to not be humble put every single thing that might make you stand out; like a very extensive list of references and all the skills you can think of.


    One of the most important objectives in applying is to make sure you have a good resume there are many templates online that lay everything out and then you just have to fill it out from there and while you will end up putting everything on your resume on your application anyway it is still imperative that you have one it makes a professional impression.


    In days/weeks to come you will be notified whether the company has chosen to continue the application process or not, if not it’s no big deal sometimes people go through tons of applications till they get hired but if they have selected you this is where the more person to person aspects of the hiring process come into play such as the interview or another in-depth form, when in an interview dress your very absolute best there is no such thing as overdressing for an interview.


    Present your best possible self and run through some quick questions in your head before, questions that an employer would ask such as “why would you like to work here” or “what do you think you can bring to this company if hired” or in some rare cases the employer will ask you to just talk about anything for a minute or two have a topic prepared it shows them that you are passionate about something. In the end applying for a job is really just about putting yourself out there and preparing to show your best self.

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  • Tips for Getting Scholarships

    Posted by Kristen Kelbaugh on 2/8/2019 8:10:00 AM

    Picking the college that you want to attend after high school can be stressful.  Having to worry about meeting certain extensive requirements and trying to find the college that best fits the path you are trying to pursue in life but, one of the most stressful parts is the substantial amount of money it takes to be able to have that higher level of education.  College isn’t cheap and scholarships can be your saving grace when it comes to paying the bills that will eventually start to add up.  So here are some tips for getting scholarships and as a result lessening the financial stress that comes with going to college.


    1. Start searching for scholarships as soon as possible. Don't wait until your senior year to start searching, or you’ll miss a lot of deadlines. There are many scholarships available to freshmen, sophomores and juniors, not just seniors and you should continue to look for scholarships even after you are enrolled in college.
    2. Join clubs, honor societies, sports and other extracurricular activities. This is just a recommendation but colleges do look at things like this and if they see this on your application the chances of you getting into that college and scholarships for that particular school improves.  Also start building up volunteer hours.  Scholarships, such as Bright Futures, require you to have a certain number of hours logged to be able to get it so, whenever you are helping out at a community event make sure to jot the number of hours you helped out down and get it signed by whoever is in charge, those volunteer hours will definitely come in handy.
    3. Apply to every scholarship for which you are eligible. Pursue less competitive scholarships, such as small awards and essay contests, since they are easier to win and the money adds up and helps you win bigger scholarships.
    4. Play to your strengths. Create a list of what you’re good at then, figure out how to highlight your strengths throughout your application, specifically in the short answer and essay questions. Show the scholarship committee why your skills make you the perfect candidate for the award.  Your life experiences can also make your applications stand out. You’ve likely experienced events or challenges that are different from others: brainstorm a list and use it to your advantage.
    5. Use another set of eyes. Having another person, whether it’s a family member or a friend, look over your application can save you the embarrassment of unnecessary typos and also provide you with a second opinion. Often times, others can notice things about our writing that we have trouble seeing, like being too repetitive, writing too much unnecessary information, or being too boring.  Family and friends can provide helpful insight on how to get scholarships that you may have not thought about yourself.
    6. Look for local scholarships. Even though national scholarships generally get more visibility and press online, local scholarships usually offer better chances. You’ll only be competing against other students in the area rather than thousands of students all over the nation. Not only that, but you can support local initiatives in the community that represent awesome causes.  Your high school guidance counselor or college admissions office should have plenty of information on local scholarships that apply to your situation. If not, try searching for “scholarships + your state/city” on Google or using a scholarship search engine, where you’ll likely be able to find lists of scholarships.
    7. Don't miss deadlines. Use a calendar and checklist to get organized.
    8. Most importantly, don’t lose hope. Figuring out how to get scholarships can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but it’s 100% worth it in the end. Don’t be discouraged if you find that you’re not winning as many scholarships as you had hoped.  In the end, your patience and time can help you pay for college while avoiding dreaded student loans at the same time, leaving you in a significantly better financial situation after graduation.
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  • 10 Masks for Skincare

    Posted by Georgette Walley-Jones on 2/6/2019 7:10:00 AM

    Since the rise of Korean trends in the States, items like sheet mask and carbonated bubbling mask have been popularized and has become a reoccurring step in people’s skin care routine. But with all of the choices online and in store, you may never know what is ideal for your skin type. Or even if the price your paying is worth the results you may receive.

    Dry Skin:

    Dry skin is typically generalized as skin that tends to be occasionally flaky and sometimes even cracking. People that tend to have dry usually also don’t get very oil during summer months if all and can sometimes get uncomfortably get tight after washing the face.

    Recommended Masks:

    • Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask\ $3.75 at Ulta

    If you wanted dewy and moisturized skin, this is the mask for you. This mask is perfect to integrate into your current skin care routine if you have one already. The 3-layer pulp mask is packed with a watery aloe essence with will easily seem deep into dry skin in 20 minutes or less.

    • Andalou Naturals Fruit Enzyme Mask\ $12 on Amazon.com

    When you have try skin it is sometimes difficult to find masks that won’t either dry out you skin due to it being way to harsh. Luckily this enzyme mask is able to delicately remove dead skin cells and improves skin texture and complexion.

    Oily Skin:

    Oily skin is characterized as skin the appears very shiny and tends to always seem greasy even during the colder months. People with oily skin are also susceptible to getting acne and blackheads and having enlarged pores mainly on the cheeks.

    Recommended Masks:

    • Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask\ $8 at Target

    For just about everyone with oily skin mask with clay or mud are perfect for you. With this 1lb of bentonite clay you can create the ‘Worlds Most Powerful Facial’ with just 2 simple ingredients. The mask also claims to be great for acne, blemishes, and to be deep pore cleansing.

    • Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin- Purifying Mud Mask\ $6.99 at Ulta

    Like the Indian clay mask mentioned above, this mud mask with strawberry & rosemary focuses on clogged pores and blackheads. Yarrow, the other key ingredient, also improves skin texture and shrinks the appearance of pores.

    Sensitive Skin:

    If you have sensitive skin, you skin more than likely reacts negatively to majority of the products you may try out. With sensitive skin, you can have extremely dry and flaky skin but still struggle with acne.

    Recommended Masks:

    • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Sheet Mask\ $2.60 at Target

    This hydrogel sheet mask was design to deeply hydrate the skin while also maintaining any of the skin’s natural moisture. The mask contains hyaluronic acid with not only moisturizer buy helps calm and soothe irritated skin.

    • Common Labs Ggultamin C Real Jel Mask

    This sheet mask is also meant to hydrate tired skin with vitamin E. With its specialized ingredients it is also meant to help with irritations of the skin and with any darks pots and hyperpigmentation.

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  • Best Art Colleges

    Posted by Ar'riel Caguimbal on 2/6/2019 7:00:00 AM

    When thinking about college, there are a lot of choices that many students can choose. Every college has their own profession they specialize in. For the people who have more creativity than others they may choose to go to a college for some form of art. It could be for photography, film, drawing, paint, or even design. These colleges listed will just be some of many prestigious colleges.


    The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is one college that offers many degrees revolving around a form of art. It is a private, nonprofit institution that prepares every student for a creative profession by putting them in a positive oriented university. SCAD offers more than over 40 majors and 75 minors. It includes animation, film and television, fashion, and even interior design. The process to apply is simple, you pay the $40 application fee and you have no deadlines when applying. Tuition for a full-time student for one year is $36,630, but there are scholarships you can apply for and have the option of financial aid.


    Full Sail University specializes in animation. It offers digital arts, 3D art, computer animation, digital cinematography, and many more. Full Sail is different from other colleges because their “philosophy centers on the value in creative thinking and the importance of hands-on experience.” Tuition varies on the degree in which you want to major in. For an undergraduate program, it can be anywhere between $60,000-$80,000 for tuition, but the college also offers scholarships and grants financial aid.


    CUNY- Hunter College is also another college that offers an aspect some form of art. This college focuses on art and its history. Students there can study the history, theory, and practice art. Unlike other colleges, it does studio art, such as drawing, painting, sculptures, and much more. It offers MFA in Studio Art, MA in Art History, and an MA in Visual Arts Education. Tuition and fees are based upon the degree in which you are seeking, and the additional fees are also based on the semester, where you are living, and how many credits you are seeking.


    Wherever you decide to go to college it will be the right choice for you. If you have a creative bone in your body and enjoy either drawing, filmmaking, or photography, there is a college that is right for you. The process is easy, you just must sit down and not procrastinate. This is true for all colleges, not just a college that focuses on art.

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  • Money Saving Tips

    Posted by Jade Ward on 1/2/2019 1:30:00 PM

    There are many ways high school students you can save money in a lifetime and whether it’s setting up personal goals to follow, creating a piggy bank, or even a no spend calendar can have you save more money then you ever expected.


    One way to save money is by writing a list before you go shopping and sticking to it. Creating a list before you go shopping is very important when it comes to saving money because when you are shopping in a mind sense where you don’t know what you are getting you tend to be all over the place buying items you may nor may not need. Having a list can help you buy items that fit your budget.


    Another way high school students can save money is by avoiding convenience foods and fast food. Most high school students struggle with splurging money on themselves, especially when it comes to yummy food they just can’t help. For example, most kids receive lunch money and even extra cash from what they’ve earned working. Most decide to spend it because that is there mind set to get what they want, but if they just ate what was provided instead of deciding to spend it on junk like candy and chips they would save a good amount which could be used on differentiated products like helping out with bills and etc.


    A third way for students to save is by setting up automatic savings is the easiest and most effective way to save, and it puts extra cash out of sight and out of mind. Every pay period, have your employer deduct a certain amount from your paycheck and transfer it to a retirement or savings account. Ask your HR representative for more details about how to set this up. Another option every month is to have your bank or credit union transfer a fixed amount from your checking account to a savings or investment account.


    The last way high school students can save is by saving for your retirement as early as possible. Few people get rich through their wages alone. It's the miracle of compound interest, or earning interest on your interest over many years that builds wealth. Because time is on their side, the youngest workers are in the best position to save for retirement. In the end there are a wide range of ways that not only students but people in general can save money and every day is a new day that you can began, and whether its setting a certain rule are simply opening a new account you can always do it.

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  • Sabrina Brings Chillings Adventures to Netflix

    Posted by Kristen Kelbaugh on 12/13/2018 9:00:00 AM

                I had just finished binge – watching another T.V. show on Netflix and was looking for a new show that could fill the empty void.  After scrolling past a lot of shows and movies I settled on watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I had previously heard from some friends that it was a really good show and “I just had to watch it.” But me being the skeptical person that I am thought maybe they were just overexaggerating on how good it actually was.  So, when I saw it on my suggested shows and movies to watch, I decided to see what all the hype was about and let’s just say I was not disappointed.

    The story of Sabrina Spellman starts with her preparing for her 16th birthday, one that will be commemorated with a Dark Baptism in which she will declare her devotion to serving Satan.  Born of a warlock father and human mother who died when she was an infant, Sabrina finds herself torn between her two distinct personalities.

                She lives in the town of Greendale at her family’s mortuary with her kindly Aunt Hilda, her strict Aunt Zelda and her Cousin Ambrose, a helpful pansexual warlock who is forced to remain under house arrest at the residence as punishment for crimes he has committed.

                Sabrina is extremely torn about giving up her mortal side to fully become a witch because of her commitment to her friends, most notably her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle.  The relationship between Harvey and Sabrina was a lot better than I had originally expected.  The relationship wasn’t cheesy or cringy, at least to me, and it seemed a lot more realistic than other T.V. show couples that I had seen before.  Equally realistic are Sabrina’s dealings with her best friends:  The inquisitive and strong Roz and Susie, a character that finds herself bullied by other students at Baxter High, the school she attends.

                 Working to encourage Sabrina to join the Church of Night are, Father Blackwood, the leader of her family's coven and the dean at Greendale's secret witchcraft school, The Academy of the Unseen Arts, and Mary Wardwell, a teacher and confidant who has her own shadowy agenda with the youth. Along with Old Scratch himself, these are The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's primary antagonists.

                At first, the focus of the season was on Sabrina’s Dark Baptism, and whether or not she will decide to fully embrace her birthright.  Once that storyline is dealt with, the story starts to struggle a bit at its midpoint, with plotlines that turn into boring fillers, almost as if the writers didn’t really know what to do after Sabrina’s Dark Baptism and just put random stuff in until they could figure out another good plotline.  However, the season's near-perfect second half more than makes up for these slow burn episodes and the season is rounded off with a powerful finale, making you eager for a season 2.

                The acting in the show was better that I had originally thought. As a whole, the acting was pretty memorable. Even secondary characters without much screen time like Susie, who is coming to terms with her sexuality and living up to her family's legacy, are given ample room to allow the actors that embody them thrive. In fact, there is not a character who does not experience profound development over the first ten episodes.

                So, if you haven’t yet watched this captivating and well put together show, I would suggest that you watch it right away.  It is definitely on my top 10 favorite T.V. shows and if you decide to give it a watch, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.

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