• Sk8 City Opening

    Posted by Bria Scott on 2/1/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Sk8 City, a family friendly skating rink where you can host all types of events like birthday parties or even simple celebrations. For the past couple of weeks, it has drawn a lot of attention especially from teens and big families. Also providing you with great costumer service as well.


    Sk8 City is in Jacksonville, FL 32225. It is a brand-new skating rink; the rink came around in the fall of 2018. Getting into the rink isn’t too pricey at all it is very reasonable, Admission is $12 and Renting skates is $3. Although it might just be skating, they have different nights for different aged people and at certain times. Sundays Adult Skate night is only for adults 21 and up including the 70’s and 80’s theme as well. Sk8 City also provides skate sessions with the same prices, the skate sessions will take place on Wednesdays, Session 1 would be 1pm-5pm and Session 2 would be 6pm-10pm.


    While attending Sk8 City I interviewed a couple of people and asked them how they felt about the new skating rink, one person stated that, “this is a very good place to come on a Saturday with friends and family to just have fun and get out of the house, I would highly recommend it.”


    That opinion could have a huge impact on Sk8 City in the future and how they could make the place even more fun for locals. When entering Sk8 City it changes your whole mind set about just going skating. The flashing lights and the neon colored floors just give you a more joyful feeling about being there.


    Sk8 city has a lot of space, which made it easier for me to get around the rink faster. Sk8 city is one of best skating rinks I have attended yet I would recommend it to anyone who’s planning to go, and I would love to watch this place grow as the years go by.

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  • Gap Year

    Posted by Annastazia Allgire on 1/24/2019 7:00:00 AM

    A gap year between high school and college, while not uncommon, isn’t something a lot of people considered. A gap year is when a student takes a year between high school and college to take a break from school (usually by travelling) to decompress before starting college.


    There are many things to take into account when considering taking a gap year, there are a plethora of benefits but many draw backs. Gap years can provide you with many opportunities, many of which you cannot receive elsewhere.



    1. Opportunity to learn in different ways

    Taking a year away from the confining walls of a classroom and taking a step into the real world can widen horizons in ways you can’t imagine. That year will allow you to immerse yourself in cultures different from your own and expose you to different lifestyles and beliefs. You could even learn a new language.

    1. Gain new experiences

    Apart from being able to learn new and different thing, you might also be able to gain some new life experiences that will certainly help you later on in life.

    1. Discover more about yourself

    Taking time off will allow you to discover things about yourself. For example, you could learn more about what you like, what career path you would like to take, discover hidden passions, or perfect a skill.

    1. Develop life skills

    Your extra year in the real world will give you time to build and improve life skills such as balancing checkbooks, making decisions, and living on our own, possibly for the first time.

    1. Opportunity to breath and have fun

    If nothing else you time away will let you relax and have a bit of fun, which could really help you in the long run.


    All this isn’t to say that a gap year doesn’t have its drawbacks, there are certain thing that you must know before deciding if a gap year is right for you.



    1. Cost

    Not only can the price of a gap year program be higher than normal, but also the cost of living is something to think about.

    1. Some may not understand

    People in your life, parents, teachers, friends, may disagree or not approve of your decision to take a year off. However, you have to do what is best for you.

    1. Easy to get disorganized

    If you do not do the proper research or take the right path, it can be really easy to become overwhelmed and waste you year and money.

    1. You may not be ready

    You have to consider where you are at in your life and if you are ready to take a year off and if its really the best choice for you.


    There are a lot of factors when deciding whether of not to take a gap year. However, if you do it properly it could very well be one of the best experiences of your life. Here are a few tips to help you with your decision.



    1. Do your research!
    2. Find what is best for you
    3. Think about your goals and where you want to go in life
    4. Talk to your family
    5. Keep your options open


    All in all, gap years are extremely beneficial. However, they are not for everyone. Don’t be afraid to look at your options even if you’ve never considered certain things before

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  • 'Twitch' Goes to States

    Posted by Nadya Twyman on 12/19/2018 8:15:00 AM

     This year First Coast High School put on a one act show called Twitch. FCHS is to be the face on the North East school district.


    “We are representing our NE Florida District at the State level,” said Dave Thomas, Drama/theatre club leader.


    They impressively made it to the state level Thespian Competition. Making them one of only three schools in District 2 to do so.


    “We rehearsed for the show about three months,” said Elise Huntly, who took lead female role of ‘Emma’, “and performed it for the school to get a couple trial audiences before we took it to districts.”


    A one act show from FCHS had never before success at this level before. This is a big deal for those included with the show.


    “This is the first time in history a one act from First Coast has ever been selected to go to state which makes all of this so exciting,” said Liana Claudio, Twitch Stage Manager.


    Now that Twitch has made it to states, the show will travel to Tampa.


    “We now get to take Twitch to the state competition held in Tampa in March.” Said Claudio.


    The theatre club has been able to make history for FCHS. The hard work put in by the members of the theatre club show the abilities theater itself holds.


    “I hope that we will bring home another Superior for First Coast,” said Huntly, “and prove that the theatre can do good things.”

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  • Holidays Around The World

    Posted by Annastazia Allgire on 12/19/2018 8:00:00 AM

    Within the human race, there are a plethora of different skin colors, societal norms, cultural and religious beliefs, there are so many things that are different among us that it is all too easy to set up walls and boundaries to divide and separate us from one another. However, once we remove those limits, we can finally see how similar we are and one thing that connects us all is the holidays.


    The holidays are the farthest thing for specific, look at any culture in the world and they will have some type of celebration or gathering between the months of December and February. While the names of each celebration may be different, the idea of it is always roughly the same, to bring together close friends and family and celebrate a religiously or culturally important event (usually), love and unity


    For example, in the Bosnian culture instead of Christmas, their big holiday is New Years. They typically spend New Year’s Eve at a party with friends and family, giving presents, dancing and having fun to welcome in the new year.


    Fellow student, Alisa Omerasevic who is Bosnian stated, “We celebrate New Year’s like our Christmas, so [Bosnians] go all out on New Year’s, buy a nice dress because we usually all go out to a New Year’s party… we all dance and have fun together no matter who you are.”


    This just goes to show how even if people celebrate differently the meanings are still the same. A lot of cultures have other smaller celebrations along with the major one, like Christmas.


    For example, in Mexican culture the Christmas celebration are not just simply on one or two nights, they start on December 12th and continue through January 6th. One of these many gatherings is el Día de los Reyes, or The Day of The Three Kings, to celebrate the Three Kings in the Bible who gave Jesus his gifts.


    On this holiday it is tradition to eat a large, family sized pastry called ‘Rosca de Reyes’ (Three Kings Cake) and hidden in this cake are figures of Baby Jesus. Whom ever finds becomes the ‘Godparent’ of Baby Jesus for that year.


    Along with many other nights of celebrations, the Mexican culture has quite the special Christmas.


    Brandon Orta stated, “my favorite thing about these holidays is the fact that they’re so special to me and I’ve done them for so many years.”


    It is in this time year where no matter your ethnicity, religion, or culture it is a time for celebration and family. Regardless of the differences in how your culture views the holiday compared to others, the meanings of each are what connects us underneath the idea of love and unity.

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  • SAT/ACT Prep Tips

    Posted by Veronica Granger on 12/17/2018 8:00:00 AM

    The SAT is something students always hear about but do not really know what it is until time has come to take it. Many students are not properly prepared to take the test and their score may suffer because of it.


    The SAT along with the ACT is a standardized test meant for college admissions also used in the hope of making high school seniors college ready by using the concordant score of the two tests. The score can determine which colleges you are eligible to attend.


    Students as early as high school freshmen need to know how to accurately prepare to take the SAT to aid them in what could potentially determine the rest of their life. Preparing for the test will increase chances of getting a better or more qualifying score.


    SAT/ACT Prep teacher Mrs. Clark says, “the best way to prepare is to read a lot of informational texts, such as your readings in social studies and science classes. The more the students read and practice looking for the literary elements, the more everything will start to make sense.”


    Students can use a variety of skills to prepare for the test, using knowledge skills or general skill building can be applied to taking the SAT. Even if students decide not to study they should still take the online practice tests to get an idea of what to expect and where they are in relevance to score.


    When preparing for these tests students should practice and take into account time management skills to develop and apply while taking the test.


    Coach Parker, another SAT/ACT Prep teacher, says: “One of the most important study skills is comprehension, you should hone up on your inferencing skills, being able to see outside the box and critical thinking.”


    “They’re testing your understanding of the knowledge presented in front of you at the moment,” says Parker. Students do not need to focus on a particular school subject to study, instead the test-takers should apply knowledge skills they have been learning in all the years of schooling they have received that can also be applied to real-world situations.


    Georgette Jones-Walley, a junior who recently took the SAT applied some other study skills to prepare, “I do tutoring on the weekends, use online sources such as College Board, who have their own program, and Khan Academy. I had a lot of flash cards and friends would come over and we would form study groups, which was really effective and helpful.”


    Students should take advantage of online resources and form games that could help them remember important material, this could also be done with a study group aimed to prepare for the SAT. Time should be set aside to study and prepare with no distractions along with a routine to follow to stay on track.

    The most important thing to remember is to make it fun so that students aren’t becoming more stressed while putting more pressure on themselves.


    To practice taking the SAT free practice tests are available on khanacademy.org.

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  • Twitch Play Review

    Posted by Jordin Toomer on 12/17/2018 8:00:00 AM

    On December 6th, 2018 First Coast High School presented the play “Twitch”. The play is about 30 minutes long and had two showings at 3:00-3:30p.m and 7:00-7:30p.m.


    Twitch is a comedy set in present time in a small time written by Stephen Gregg. The play highlights an alien couple stranded on earth trying to be human observing and studying a human couple for them to help with their expected child.


    Before the start of the play students were introduced with an amazing monologue by Aliya Coleman who also is the director of the play.


    The play started off with the human couple Nancy and Don played by Savannah Wells and Nathaniel Hughes. Later entered the alien couple Emma and Aiden played by Elise Huntley and Manvel Harris.


    An outstanding performance by all the actors, they all had really good acting. Aiden (Manvel Harris) even had the crown laughing, confused, and interested in the noise he did known as the “Twitch”.


    Twitch the play relates to the alien’s actions of “twitching” that the human couple noticed.


    The cast and production crew of the First Coast High School play has been working and planning the play since September. Choosing the play was quite easy to them, they were given choices and Twitch stood out the most to all of them because it seemed fun.


    The play was very student led and put into the hands of the students. If they needed props they either brought it or made it themselves.


    Other behind the scenes members who helped make this play happen were Mr. Thomas, Liana Claudio (assistant stage manager), Georgette Jones-Walley (stage manager), and Amelia Drury (stage crew and understudy).


    On Saturday December 8th 2018 the cast will be taking the play to District Competition.

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