Write a grant report

  • At some time or another, you will have to share information about your grant with stakeholders. This might be a formal report designed by the funder, or a report that does not have a prescribed template. Whenever you have more latitude in your grant reporting, it's a good idea to use aesthetically pleasing strategies. Here are some links to great resources to help.

    Design Elements and Principles: There are some simple rules of thumb to follow to make your visuals more appealing. Take a look at this site for a ton of guides on design.

    15 Diagrams that Make Graphic Design Much Easier: Here's another great resource with a lot of tips and tricks. Pull up a chair and get your notes out for this resource.

    Typography Cheat Sheet: There's also typically writing involved in reports, and this site helps with some common typographical shortcuts.

    Depict Data Studio Interactive Chart Chooser: I had the good fortune to attend a training session with Ann K. Emery from the Depict Data Studio. This chart chooser can help you find the best chart for your data.


    Report writing resources--Make-over for pie charts

     Trust us--it's worth the 4 minutes to take a look at the strategies in the following video from Depict Data Studio.