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     Chairman Lori Hershey and Mandarin High School Mustang  Crown Point Elementary
     Atlantic Coast HS Mascot  

    The 2018-2019 school year has been a year of celebration and expansion of choice options in District 7. Mandarin High’s football team brought home the State Championship Title in the fall and Crown Point Elementary has become a Leader in Me School. Leadership themes in District 7 schools can also be found at Twin Lakes Academy Elementary and Greenland Pines Elementary. Atlantic Coast is expanding their Career Technical Education offerings and STEM programs. All schools in District 7 are an A or B school and data proves schools in District 7 out perform their counterparts in both St. Johns & Clay Counties!


    Expansion of STEM Programs in District 7

    Representative Jason Fischer presents a donate at Mandarin Oaks Elementarys Project Lead the Way


    Mandarin Oaks Elementary is reinventing the classroom experience….

    Project Lead the Way is a nationally recognized program and Mandarin Oaks will be the only elementary

    School in NE Florida to offer it. A STEM program that is inspiring, engaging and empowering. Thank you Rep. Jason Fischer for jump starting this initiative at Mandarin Oaks Elementary



    Twin Lakes Academy Logo

    Twin Lakes Academy Middle School.….

    Project Lead the Way program continuity will be with Twin Lakes Academy Middle School



     Loretto Elementary

    Loretto Elementary has a STEM Lab coming soon!!!

    Loretto Elementary is expanding STEM opportunities and will be launching their new STEM Lab!

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