2019 Prom

    Prom NEED TO KNOWS (<--click link)


    Entrance and Behavior Guidelines:


    You must pre-purchase tickets for prom (tickets will not be sold at the door).  Tickets are non-refundable.  Ticket Sales end Thursday, April 18th.


    If you bring a non-ACHS guest, you must have the Guest Approval Form completed and turned in to Mr. Kent by 2pm on April 26th.  Your guest cannot be over the age of 20.  Absolutely no exceptions.

    All Non-ACHS students must

    • have a ticket
    • have an ID
    • have a completed guest form on file and
    • enter with their ACHS student


    There is a dress code for prom.  Students can be turned away at the door if the dress code is not followed.  Formal wear only:

    • You must wear a suit at minimum, a tux is recommended.
    • Dresses must be one piece, cannot have cut-outs, cannot reveal midriffs, and otherwise cannot be too revealing.
    • No t-shirts, no tank-tops, no jeans, no shorts, no flip flops, no ball caps, no headphones, etc.
    • If there is a question, please see Mr. Kent or Ms. Smiley. Showing up to prom in something questionable may result in non-admittance.


    You must have an ACHS ID in order to enter the prom.


    Once you exit the prom, there is no re-entry.


    TIAA Bank Field Parking

    Directions to TIAA Bank field from ACHS


    Once on Gator Bowl Blvd, parking lot M is closest to the main entrance of TIAA Bank Field.  To get there, turn North onto North George Street then east on East Adams Street.  Parking is at the end of East Adams Street.