Elizabeth Andersen - District 2

  • Elizabeth Andersen

    Elizabeth Andersen is a former Duval County Public Schools educator, current small business owner, mental health counselor, wife and mother. Andersen obtained her bachelor of arts degree in English with a concentration in Psychology from the University of Florida. After graduation, in search of a meaningful and fulfilling career path, she decided to become an educator. Andersen taught in Alachua County for one year, but ultimately found her future at home in Jacksonville. She continued her teaching career in Duval County, while completing her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Florida. In 2011, she made a career shift from teaching to counseling. In 2018, passionate about bringing more focus to addressing the mental health of students, she ran and was elected to serve on the Duval County School Board. Today, she owns a private mental health practice, Foundations Therapy Jax, where she specializes in counseling for teens and parents and serves the community as the Chair of the School Board.