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FAST Assessment Family Portal

  • Want to know more about our Florida assessments for grades K-10?  The Family Portal provides information including fact sheets and sample questions:

New Worlds Reading Initiative (K-5)


  • For information on what i-Ready is and how to log your student in to the program, check out this i-Ready Parent Guide

    Access Frequently Asked Questions and other tips for motivating and supporting your student at the i-Ready Family Center. 

Florida Center for Reading Research

  • Here, parents, caregivers, and families can find resources to support their children’s reading. FCRR empowers you to use these resources to make evidence-informed decisions to improve reading for all learners.

    FCRR For Families

Regional Educational Laboratory Program

  • We are pleased to provide these family activities with easy-to-follow instructions to help your child practice foundational reading skills. We invite you to view the short Family Videos for tips on how to use the activities to help your child grow as a reader. Using the Family Activities at home can help your child develop language, link sounds to letters, blend letters and word parts to read and write words, and read for understanding.

    Supporting Your Child's Reading at Home

Just Take 20

  • Just Take 20 (JT20) is a Florida program designed just for families!  JT20 shows parents how to support the their students in developing appropriate reading and writing skills in just 20 minutes a day by using the engaging activities designed for students in gardes K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  To help your child become a highly skilled reader and writer, click here.  

Just Read, Families!

  • Looking for guidance on making the most when reading with your child?  Just Read, Families! provides guidance on developmentally appropriate activities for children from birth through grade 3.  Resources include tips for getting started, activities for children, and reading tips for parents.  Click here to visit the Just Read, Families! website. 

Jacksonville Public Library

  • Students can search the Jacksonville Public Library's online databases for free access to newspapers, articles, ebooks and more.  DCPS students can use their student ID numbers as library account numbers.