Summer Reading Resources

Summer Activities (Elementary)

  • If you are looking for simple ideas to make learning a part of your child's summer, the FL Department of Education has compiled 5 weeks of activities just for you!  You can visit the list here. 

Jacksonville Library Summer Programs

  • Follow along for a summer of reading, learning and fun at your Jacksonville Public Library! From June 1 through August 12, residents of all ages will be able to participate at their favorite library location (and even at home) with fun and educational programs, weekly drop-in activities, reading and other book-related challenges, scavenger hunts, and more! It's all FREE, all summer long!

Read Jax

  • is a community effort to improve third grade reading scores of students in Duval County. Visit the RESOURCES tab on their website for suggestions and materials that can be used at home to engage your children in literacy activities over the summer and prepare for the next grade level.  Be sure to visit the resources for teachers in addition to the Parents and Guardians page.

Summer Reading Lists

  • We recommend checking your school's website for school-specific directions or summer reading assignments.  The lists below are general in nature and provided for families looking for appropriate books to read over the summer. Titles designated as "BEST titles" are recommended by the Florida Department of Education for that grade level. 

    Formats for reading are suggested and can be adjusted based on the difficulty of the text and the student's reading level. 

    Read Aloud:  A more proficient reader reads the book to the student when the reading level is too difficult for the student. Discuss the book with the student while reading. 

    Read Together: The student may be able to read most of the book, but occasional help is needed. A more proficient reader might take turns reading with the student or help with difficult words. 

    Independent Reading: The student reads the book alone.  Family members can discuss the book with the student after a reading session.  

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