• Our Certified Athletic Trainers


     Ms. Annie Tomten MS, LAT, ATC

    Annie Tomten MS, LAT, ATC is Paxon’s Certified Athletic Trainer. She is from Toledo, OH and graduated from the University of Toledo with her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. She just graduated from Jacksonville University with her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology. Annie joined Project-17 in the fall of 2018 which gave her the opportunity to provide part-time athletic training services as the Head Athletic Trainer at Paxon School for Advanced Studies while obtaining her Master’s. In her free time, she enjoys reading books (especially when it’s raining), taking walks to the beach, and face-timing her family who currently live in Toledo, OH. Annie plans to take on the title of “Full-Time Head Athletic Trainer” at Paxon this summer and become a full-time DCPS employee. Annie will also be getting married in the summer of 2021 and is excited for her Fiancé to move to Jacksonville and be a part of the Paxon Eagles family.



    Ms. Tristyn Kinser MS, LAT, ATC

    Tristyn is our JOI Outreach Athletic Trainer that helps the head athletic trainer to cover practices, events, treatments, rehabilitations, and much more! JOI has an amazing sports medicine/physical therapy facility to help our athletes return to their previous level of athletics (if not better) if they need more care than what the High School is able to offer. 




    Our Supervising Team Physician

    Dr. Carl Freeman





    Dr. Carl Freeman with Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute has been the supervising team physician for Paxon for the past several years. Here is a bio on Dr. Freeman:

    “Dr. Freeman specializes in the treatment of hip, shoulder and knee disorders in patients of all ages. He is one of a few Hip Preservation Surgeons in the United States. Advanced hip procedures include hip arthroscopy (hip scope), anterior total hip replacement (including robot-assisted), and surgical dislocation of the hip. Advanced shoulder procedures include shoulder arthroscopy for rotator cuff and labral repair, instability surgery, shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, and latissimus transfer. In addition, Dr. Freeman’s practice includes sports medicine and knee surgery.  He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

  • Dr. Freeman graduated from medical school at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and performed residency in orthopaedic surgery at UPMC Hamot. Afterward, he completed a fellowship in Surgical Preservation of the Hip at the prestigious Schulthess-Klinik (the Swiss Olympic Medical Center) in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2011, Dr. Freeman was the first recipient of the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) Traveling Fellowship. In 2015, Dr. Freeman was selected to be one of four surgeons to complete the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) Traveling Fellowship, which involved training in the most advanced surgical practices in sports medicine.

    Dr. Freeman spent four years as an active duty orthopaedic surgeon in the US Navy, which brought him to Jacksonville- stationed at Naval Hospital Jacksonville. In 2012, he had the privilege of treating our service members in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom where he spent time in a forward surgical team, and served in a tertiary combat trauma center. In addition to being an active clinician, Dr. Freeman has contributed to academic medicine as Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Herbert School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of Health Science, Bethesda, MD, and has authored numerous scientific publications.

    After being stationed in Jacksonville for four years, he and his wife chose to make this city their home to raise their two children. They enjoy spending time outdoors, water sports on the St. Johns River, and traveling with their son and daughter.  Dr. Freeman is the team physician for Paxon High School.

    Dr. Freeman is on the Duval County Medical Society Board of Directors and is a delegate to the Florida Medical Association.”

    Medical Secretary: (904) 858-6435               Medical Assistant: 9904) 858-6441

    His areas of expertise include:

    • Hip arthroscopy (hip scope)
    • Knee Surgery
    • Anterior Total Hip Replacement (including robot-assisted)
    • Surgical dislocation of the Hip
    • Shoulder arthroscopy for rotator cuff and labral repair
    • Shoulder Instability Surgery
    • Shoulder replacement
    • Reverse Shoulder Replacement
    • Latissimus Transfer
    • ACL

    Website Link for JOI Homepage:


    Website Link for Dr. Freeman’s page on the JOI website:



                                    Referral to a Physician or Medical Specialist

    “If the Athletic Trainer and/or team physician has determined a particular injury requires referral to a medical specialist for further evaluation or treatment, he/she will contact the parents of the injured athlete to discuss the recommendation for that athlete to be seen by the proper medical professional. Coaches do not have the authority to make referrals to any physician without the approval of the Athletic Trainer, except in cases where emergency care is indicated and the athletic trainer is not present.

    Each individual school has a dedicated team physician who serves as a volunteer supervisor of the school’s sports medicine team. For medical referrals to a physician, the first option is to always consider the family health care provider; where a student-athlete may have an established relationship. If no family health care provider is established, the team physician may offer alternative suggestions or the athlete will be referred to a specialist on the JSMP referral tree. In any case, parents should communicate to the treating physician the name and contact information of the school based Athletic Trainer and allow the Athletic Trainer authorization to communicate directly with the treating physician regarding this sports-related injury. For the safety of the athlete, no further participation in sports can occur without appropriate documentation and clearance from the treating physician. It is the responsibility of the athlete and his/her parent/guardian to insure that the physician forwards all requested information. Please note: the team physician has final authority over ANY return to play decision. Should a conflict arise between the treating physician and the team physician, a review will be sent, upon parent’s request, to the volunteer medical directors for DCPS athletics.” – DCPS Policies & Procedures Handbook