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  • Duval County Public Schools’ Graduation Rate Initiatives Team (GRIT) is focused on increasing the district’s Graduation Rate and decreasing the over-all dropout rate. GRIT collaborates with schools, students, families, and community stakeholders to identify and overcome barriers to academic success.

    Introduced in 2015, this streamlined focus on early identification and cross-curricular collaboration, continues to play a key role in pushing schools towards comprehensive programs supporting student achievement. In 2019, the district reached an all time high graduation rate of 86.5%, including demographic subgroups.  

    GRIT has most recently expanded their scope into Middle School. Enhanced partnership with district and regional leadership will increase systems of support and identify programs that are focused on student achievement and overall well-being.


    GRIT Services

    Data Development, Disaggregation and Management

    School-Level Support with Graduation Coaches and At-Risk Designees

    Disengaged Student & Negative Code Support 

    Emergency Truancy & Drop-Out Support