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    We welcome you to Paxon School for Advanced Studies and are happy to have you on campus for athletics. This page is dedicated to helping you navigate what is available to you and your team, and to answer some questions you might have in regard to athletic training and safety. This page includes information on our athletic trainers, athletic training facility, and local hospitals, etc. Thank you for finding our website and again, we welcome you to Paxon SAS.


    Athletic Training 

    Paxon Athletic Training Program consists of 2 Certified Athletic Trainers:

    Bo McDougal, MA, LAT, ATC

    Athletic Trainer




    Tristyn Kinser, MS, LAT, ATC

    Athletic Trainer – JOI




    One or both ATs will be present before, during, and directly after your game to ensure you have everything you need for your student-athletes. If the ATs are not present in the Athletic Training Facility and you need something, please don't hesitate to call either one (phone numbers listed above). The AT covering your event will stop by your bench/sideline and introduce him/herself before the game starts.


    Athletic Training Facility

    The Athletic Training Facility is located in Room #9 of Building #6, which is to the left of the Football Stadium Entrance or right of the Gymnasium's Main Entrance. Our facility has an ice machine, refrigerator/freezer, tables for evaluations and treatment, first aid supplies, emergency equipment including AEDs, storage, and rehabilitation equipment.


    During the Covid - 19 Pandemic

    (per FHSAA Return to Play Guidelines)


    Athletic Training

    • Student-athletes should always wear a face mask/covering while in athletic training facility.
    • Athletic trainers should always wear face mask when treating athletes.
    • Host site athletic training room should not be available for visiting team pregame and postgame treatments.
    • Injury ice will be made available field/court side.
    • If team is not traveling with an Athletic Trainer:

    ○ Be considerate of additional contact that will be required and provided by host site.

    ○ Complete all taping/bracing at home if possible.

    ○ Host site AT should be contacted prior to trip, and a plan should be formulated on space and procedures (must provide own supplies) for completing any taping and abiding by appropriate hand washing/sanitation activities upon entry and exit and any time they have come in contact with something possibly contaminated.


    Sidelines and Benches

    • Teams should not share water bottles throughout the course of competition – each member school is responsible for providing a plan for individualized hydration supplies for their student- athletes on competition days. Bench water should be provided by host site, but the traveling team should supply its own coolers and ice unless agreed upon by the host school in advance to arrival.



    On our "Emergency Action Plan" page, you can find the link for the EAP to your specific venue (ex: baseball field, football stadium, etc.).

    If an emergency transport is needed for one of your athletes, he/she will mostly likely be taken to one of the two closest hospitals listed below:

    • Wolfson Children's Hospital: 800 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207 (904) 202-8000
    • UF Health Jacksonville: 655 8th St W, Jacksonville, FL 32209 (904) 224-0411

    Wolfson Children's Hospital is the primary location for our student athletes to be transported to unless the injury requires a level 1 trauma center. UF Health Jacksonville is the adult and pediatric Level I trauma program serving Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.