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    Hello! We welcome you to Paxon School for Advanced Studies and are happy to have you on campus for athletics! This page is dedicated to helping you navigate what is available for you and your team, and to answer some questions you mught have in regards to sports medicine and safety. This page includes infomation on our athletic training facility, local hospitals, emergency action plans, etc. Thank you for finding our website and again, we welcome you to Paxon SAS. 


    Athletic Training Facility

    Paxon has 2 Certified Athletic Trainers on campus:

         Ms. Annie Tomten MS, LAT, ATC (Head ATC) 

         Ms. Tristyn Kinser MS, LAT, ATC (JOI Outreach ATC) 

    Either (or both) ATCs will be present before, during, and directly after your game to ensure you have everything you need for your student-athletes. The Athletic Training Facility is located in the Boy's Locker Room hallway, which is the hallway to the left of the Football Stadium Enterance (also right outside of the Gymnasium's Main Enterance, by the parking lot). The room number is 9, but there is also postings on the door to identify it as the Athletic Training Facility. Our facility has ice, treatment tables for evaluations and treatment, first aid supplies, tape, bandages, pretty much anything you can think of for sports medicine. 

    If the ATC is not present in the Athleitc Training Facility, and you need something, please don't hesitate to call either one (phone numbers listed above). The ATC covering your event will stop by your bench/sideline and introduce him/herself before the game starts, with plenty of time in advanced.

    Water & Ice

    We are more than happy to provide a 10-gallon with water in it for your team, if need be. However, we do encourage you to bring your own cooler and we can fill it with ice and water before the game. If you need help with water and/or ice, we ask that you do this when you arrive, or at least 30 minutes before the game starts, as we may be busy treating our Paxon athletes before the game. Injury ice will be provided during the game, most likely stationed by the home sideline/bench. Please feel free to ask for injury ice if needed during any point in the game. 

    Taping & Treatments

    If your team needs a lot of taping, we do encourage you to bring your own tape as our supplies are limited here. We will glady apply tape, or any other treatment needed with a note or approval from your ATC. We are not here to be your ATC, but to "sub-in" for your own ATC. Therefore, prior approval and/or a note should be given to us if an athlete wishes for a treatment. However, first aid will be applied, if needed, with no need for authorization from home ATC. 


    On our "Emergency Action Plan" page, you can find the link for the EAP to your specific venue (ex: baseball field, football stadium, etc.). However, we do assure you that a Certified Athletic Trainer will ALWAYS be present at Paxon for games, so you should not have to worry about taking primary control of emergency care of an athlete. 

    If an emergency transport is needed for one of your athletes, he/she will mostly likely be taken to one of the two closest hospitals listed below:

    Wolfson Children's Hospital: 800 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207 (904) 202-8000

    UF Health Jacksonville: 655 8th St W, Jacksonville, FL 32209 (904) 224-0411

    Wolfson Children's Hospital is the primary location for our student athletes to be transported to, unless the trauma is so significant that UF Health could provide more comprehensive care. The emergency medical personnel will decide this, and inform you. 


    Overall, we are excited to work with you and have a fun, safe competition. In the event of an emergency, we will do everything we can to provide the highest-quality care for your student-athlete. We will work together as a team and take care of the situation. If you need any more information or have further questions, please visit the rest of our Sports Medicine Page, or contact the Athletic Trianer. Our Athletic Director Information is available on the Home Page for Paxon Athletics. 


    Thank you, 


    Annie Tomten MS, LAT, ATC

    Head Athletic Trainer

    Paxon School for Advanced Studies