• Mandarin High School Sports Medicine Team


    Mandarin High School is lucky to have the support and collaboration of many medical professionals that treat our athletes. Preventing injuries is our number one priority, but if they should occur, the knowledge of many healthcare professionals is needed to manage injuries in a quick and efficient manner. Our Sports Medicine Team at Mandarin High School is composed of a Licensed Athletic Trainer, a volunteer Team Physician, Clinic outreach, and volunteer sports medicine students.

    Location and Hours of Athletic Training Room

    • The main ATR is located in the field house under the home stadium side.
    • ATR location two is located at the back of the gym. There are entrances in the hallways leading to both the boys and girls locker rooms.
    • ATR Hours
      • Monday-Thursday 1:00pm-end of athletic day
      • Friday- 1:30pm - end of athletic day.
      • If ATC is not in Athletic Training Room, ATC will be out at practice/game fields.
        • If an athlete needs to see the Athletic Trainer, have your coach call and ATC will be present shortly.