• Policies and Procedures

    The following policies are in place to keep a comprehensive athletic training program. They ensure athletes are cleared to participate.  Additionally, it allows us to utilize the athletic training room as the health care facility it is.  Please speak with the athletic trainer if you have any questions regarding any of these. 

    Participation Policies

    ALL student-athletes are required to have their physical (EL2) and consent and release (EL3) forms COMPLETELY filled out BEFORE they may begin in any sports participation.  There are additional forms that are required for home-schooled athletes and athletes that didn’t enter the 9th grade at Mandarin High School.  If you fall under one of these categories or are not sure, please ask your athletic trainer or athletic director for guidance.

    Athletic Training Facility Rules

    • Must sign in before receiving treatment (includes ice and first aid)
    • Taping and Treatment is on a “first come, first served” basis.
    • If you make a mess, please clean up after yourself.
    • No lounging or loitering in the athletic training room.
    • No horse playing
    • No foul language
    • Do not put shoes on treatment tables.
    • Don’t take water bottles from ATF without asking Athletic Trainer.
    • Students may not go through cabinets without the permission of the Athletic Trainer.
    • All equipment (wraps, slings, braces, crutches, etc.) must be returned once they are no longer needed.
    • Any athlete found not following these rules will be asked to leave.

    Ice Bath Rules:

    • Athletes must notify Athletic Trainer 24 hours in advance through sign in sheet.
    • Athletes must bring towel.
    • Athletes must wash off before using ice bath.
    • Athletes must get their own ice.


    Return to Play Policies

    DCPS has a specific concussion policy that is summarized below:

    1. Injury is reported to Athletic Trainer
    2. Athlete is evaluated by a medical doctor
    3. Once medically cleared, FHSAA form AT-18 page 1 is completed by physician (Family Health Care Provider)
    4. Supervised return to play begins (4-step process) with Athletic Trainer
    5. Once all 4 steps are completed, physician will review, and complete FHSAA form AT-18 page 2 (Team Physician may complete)
    6. Team physician and Athletic Trainer will review and file completed forms
    7. Athlete becomes eligible for return to normal team activities

    -Athletes are required to have page 1 on the AT-18 Form signed by a physician BEFORE they begin a return to play protocol after sustaining a concussion.  Once the return to play protocol has SUCCESSFULLY been completed, page 2 MUST then be signed by a physician to allow the athlete to return to full participation.

    - If an athlete was told to see a physician, they WILL NOT be allowed to practice or play until they have been seen by a physician.  If you require assistance seeing a physician, let the athletic trainer know. The Athletic Trainer needs a copy of a note from the Doctor to see exactly what injury was sustained and how long the athlete may or may not be out for.

    -Sometimes athletes are given home programs.  If this is the case, have the athlete give the program to the athletic trainer to copy, file and help in the rehabilitation process.