• General Processing Information

    • The district will promptly acknowlede the public records request.
    • The district will request clarification from the requestor, if needed. Clarification must be received within 30 days of the request.
    • The district will provide partial or complete records, if payment is not required.
    • The district will request advanced payment, if required. Payment must be received within 30 days of the cost estimate.
    • The district will work with requestors to revise requests due to costs or otherwise, if needed.
    • If payment is required, the district will commence processing upon receipt of payment.


    How long will it take to fulfill my request?

    Each request is unique and there are several factors that affect fulfillment of a request. We will make every effort possible to provide the records within a reasonable amount of time. The amount of time needed to retrieve and compile requested records may be communicated to the requestor and all efforts to adhere to this time frame will be made. Partial records will be provided when available. Please be patient as this process often involves coordinating with several departments to satisfy the request.


    Common Impacts to Processing Times

    • Staff availability
    • Reopening of Schools
    • Influx of Public Records Requests
    • Scheduled District Closures (Extended Holidays, Spring Break, Modified Summer Schedules)