Student Sports Medicine Program

  • Students interested in becoming a part of the Student Sports Medicine Team should complete the application below. Late applications will not be accepted. Applications for the 2019/2020 season will be due on July 15th at 2pm. Please be as accurate as possible with the information provided in the application. As there are many students that attend Mandarin High School, and I am only one person, I will only be accepting 8-10 students to be a part of this program. Students considering this program must have an interest in ATLETIC TRAINING as this is what you will be learning about.

    Students that are accepted into the program will be notified by email. Please note that any students that are a part of the program will need to get a physical and have insurance just like any other student athlete. Follow the instructions here.

    Current student athletes that are interested in the program can still apply and possible alterations can be made during other sport seasons, so you would still be able to learn and participate.

    Sports Medicine Program 2019/2020 Application