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    Parent Coach Athlete Welcome to the Paxon School for Advanced Studies Athletic Training Program webpage. In this section there is information on the athletic training facility policies and procedures, hours of operation, forms and documents, medical conditions, and basic home exercises to perform if injured.


    Certified Athletic Trainers:

    Bo McDougal, MA, LAT, ATC

    Athletic Trainer




    Tristyn Kinser, MS, LAT, ATC

    Athletic Trainer – JOI




    Athletic Training Facility:

    The Athletic Training Facility is located in Room #9 of Building #6, which is to the left of the Football Stadium Entrance or right of the Gymnasium's Main Entrance. Athletic Training Facility Hours are M-F 2:00 PM - end of athletic day.  Paxon Athletic Trainer’s may not be present in athletic training facility after 4:00PM. Due to practice coverage on campus, ATs may be found at practice sites. ATs can be contact by cell phone.  


     Training Facility              Training Facility 2

    Policies and Procedures: 

    The rules of the athletic training facility are posted and reviewed with athletes. If an athlete needs to do rehabilitation and has his/her own home program they can make arrangements with the athletic trainer to utilize the athletic training facility.

    If an athlete has been seen by a physician for ANY reason, the discharge paperwork and any home care must be brought to the Athletic Trainer to scan and place in the athlete’s medical file.  This allows the Athletic Trainer to communicate with coaches and teaching staff, if needed, on any accommodations the athlete might require.  If an athlete requires a follow up with a physician, they MUST see the physician BEFORE being cleared for full participation.  Please let the Athletic Trainer know if you need help getting the athlete seen.

    There are several policies and procedures in place to keep athletes safe while playing sports. Please refer to the FHSAA webpage (www.fhsaa.org) for more information.