• image of elementary age girl smiling and eating apple in the cafeteria VISION
    To nourish the bodies, minds and spirits of our students and pave the way for a lifetime of success and well-being.

    To improve the well-being of our students by preparing fresh, wholesome delicious and nutritious meals they love.


    Our menus are developed with ingredients that promote nutrition and wellness and emphasize the use of minimally processed ingredients. The local farmers who grow the majority of the produce we serve are required to use fertilizers and pesticides that are completely organic.

    Nutritious meals impact the health and success of our students and are essential for strong academic performance. Our goal is to enhance student performance by providing nutritious meals and promoting the importance of healthy eating.

    Our nutrition standards are based on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) school meal pattern regulations. Student meals contain adequate calories and provide a variety of choices. To achieve our goals we pledge the following:

    We pledge to:

    • Offer fat-free and 1% milk
    • Offer whole grain-rich items
    • Offer whole grain-rich, low-sugar cereals
    • Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables, including fresh, local produce every day in each café
    • Continue to decrease the amount of sodium in our recipes
    • Offer items with zero trans fat
    • Offer daily salads, wraps, and/or sandwiches using romaine lettuce or spinach
    • Use Sunbutter or WowButter (soy butter) in place of peanut butter at peanut aware schools
    • Use a state-of-the-art food production facility to produce many menu items from scratch, including granola, muffins, marinara sauce and more
    • Work with an Executive Chef to develop standardized recipes our students will enjoy
    • Have a team of registered and licensed Dietitians on staff to develop our menus to ensure the daily nutritional needs of the students are met