• All school meals are free of charge for the 2022-2023 school year. Students can continue to use cash or MySchoolBucks to purchase a la carte items. 


    Pay for school meals online button All students registered in Duval County Public Schools have an account with the food service department. They will use their student ID card or their student ID number to identify themselves in the cafeteria. Your student should memorize this number and/or keep their card with them and not share it with any other students, as this number is directly tied to their personal account and meal eligibility.

    We encourage parents and guardians to take advantage of the options to prepay for their student’s meals. You may deposit money into the accounts for prepayment as an alternative to sending lunch money in with your student on a daily basis. This may be done through the MySchoolBucks.com website or mobile app OR by sending cash or a check in to the school to be deposited into your student’s account. If MySchoolBucks is used, the parent/guardian will have access to the current balance and all activity associated with their account.

    Your student’s account balance, either positive or negative, from the previous school year will roll into the new school year unless a refund has been requested.



    MEAL PRICES FOR 2022-2023


    Child with Breakfast Breakfast is served at NO CHARGE for students in all Duval County Public Schools!

    In addition to the traditional cafeteria-based breakfast model, schools may also use an alternative breakfast model. For example, “Breakfast in the Classroom” involves serving the breakfast meal to children during a morning class, often while the teacher is taking attendance or giving classroom announcements. Schools operating “Grab & Go Breakfast” use mobile food carts to serve children a “to go” breakfast before school or during a morning break.

    The School Breakfast Program (SBP) is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and non-profit private schools and residential child care institutions. The SBP started in 1966 as a pilot project and was made a permanent entitlement program by Congress in 1975.


    To offer more menu variety, a number of separately priced items are available for purchase via our a la carte menus. 

    All snacks sold in school cafeterias are Smart Snack approved by the USDA. All items listed may not be available in all schools.

    Items marked with an asterisk (*) are only offered on select days.

Elementary School Middle School High School
Assorted Cookies - $0.75 Assorted Cookies - $0.75 Assorted Cookies - $0.75
Fresh Fruit - $0.75 Fresh Fruit - $0.75 Fresh Fruit - $0.75
Assorted Ice Cream - $1.00 Assorted Ice Cream - $1.00 Assorted Ice Cream - $1.00
Specialty Ice Cream - $1.25 Specialty Ice Cream - $1.25 Specialty Ice Cream - $1.25
Assorted Baked Chips - $1.00 Assorted Baked Chips - $1.00 Assorted Baked Chips - $1.00
Strawberry Pop-tart - $1.00 Strawberry Pop-tart - $1.00 Strawberry Pop-tart - $1.00
Assorted Rice Krispies Treats - $1.25 Assorted Rice Krispies Treats - $1.25 Assorted Rice Krispies Treats - $1.25
Cheez-Its - $1.00 Cheez-Its - $1.00 Cheez-Its - $1.00
Pretzel Goldfish - $0.75 Pretzel Goldfish - $0.75 Pretzel Goldfish - $0.75
Soft Baked Pretzel - $1.00 Soft Baked Pretzel - $1.00 Soft Baked Pretzel - $1.00
Giant Graham Goldfish - $0.50 Giant Graham Goldfish - $0.50 Giant Graham Goldfish - $0.50
Strawberry Yogurt Chex Mix - $1.00 Strawberry Yogurt Chex Mix - $1.00 Strawberry Yogurt Chex Mix - $1.00
12 oz Water - $1.25 Assorted Kettle Chips - $1.25 Assorted Kettle Chips - $1.25
6 oz Assorted 100% Juice - %0.75 Assorted Parfait - $2.00 Assorted Parfait - $2.00
Half Pint of Milk - $0.75 Pizza Slice - $2.00 Pizza Slice - $2.00
20 oz. Aquafina Water - $2.00 Chicken Tenders* - $2.50
10 oz. Assorted 100% Juice - $1.75 10 oz. Assorted 100% Juice - $1.75
Half Pint of Milk - $0.75 Half Pint of Milk - $0.75
12 oz. Diet Canned Beverage - $1.50
20 oz. Diet Sports Beverage - $2.25
20 oz. Diet Bottled Soda - $2.25
16.9 oz. Diet Lipton Green Tea - $2.25
20 oz Aquafina Water - $2.00