• Mrs. Elizabeth Stansel, Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Instruction

    Elizabeth Stansel holds an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from St. Leo University and both a B.F.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Ms. Stansel has taught in both middle and elementary schools, taught gifted endorsement courses for teachers, and managed federal grants. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including being an American Graduate Champion and Pollo Tropical Teacher of the Year. She has served as an Assistant Principal since 2014. Mrs. Stansel can be reached at stansele@duvalschools.org. 




    Mrs. Sarah Wiggins, Assistant Principal of Testing & Instruction

    Sarah Wiggins earned a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from American College of Education and a B.A. in Middle School Mathmatics and Science Education from the University of North Florida.  Ms. Wiggins has taught in middle School and high School as well as serving as an Instructional Math Coach.  She has served in the role as an assistant principal since 2015.  Ms. Wiggins is happily married wth two sons.  She can be reached at stevensons@duvalschools.org.