• Alfred I. duPont Middle School International Business & World Language Academy is committed to providing a safe and structured learning environment.  In the 2015-16 school year, our school began to require students to wear school uniforms.  It is expected that your child attends school every day and arrive in complete uniform.

    The uniform policy in effect for the 2019-2020 school year consists of the following:

    -Students are required to purchase the school uniform from our approved vendor (approved vendor listed below).  It is mandatory for all students to wear the appropriate grade level 6th-black, 7th-green, or 8th-gold, polo/golf style shirt with a collar.  A plain collared shirt in the appropriate grade level color MAY NOT be worn in place of the logo uniform shirt.  All shirts must be tucked in at all times.  No t-shirts.

    -Khaki or black pants or shorts for both girls and boys.  Khaki or black skirts for girls are acceptable as well.  All pants, shorts and skirts are to be plain in design.  Pants, shorts and skirts must adhere to the DCPS Code of Appearance and must be acceptable as deemed by school administration.

    -Pants and shorts with belt loops must have a belt worn at the appropriate waist location.  All pants, shorts, and skirts must fit at the waist and be worn at that level.

    -NO jeans or jean material.  NO leggings or jeggings.  NO athletic shorts or pants.

    -NO hats/baseball caps on campus.

    -Plain long sleeve shirts (black or white) may be worn underneath polo shirts in cold weather.

    -When necessary ONLY black jackets may be worn.  Jackets must be plain, have a full zipper (NO quarter zipper) and may NOT have a hood.  -Logo jackets are available from the school’s uniform vendor.

    -When necessary a plain sweatshirt in the appropriate grade level color may be worn over the uniform shirt (NO hoodies).  Logo sweatshirts   are available from the school’s uniform vendor.

    -Shoes must be closed toed and have a full back.  No sandals, slides, flip flops, or heels are allowed.


    With a uniform policy, several DCPS schools have seen a decrease in the number of referrals, as well as bullying/harassment of students.  In an effort to continue this trend, we are asking for your assistance in ensuring that all students are in “full compliance” of the uniform policy.  STRICT attention and monitoring will be paid to the policy areas specifically outlined above.  There is no opt out policy regarding the school uniform.  We have contracted with a local vendor, RC Uniforms, to supply uniform shirts, sweatshirts and jackets with our school logo embroidered on them.    


    RC Uniforms, 11160 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, Fl  32246 (904) 646-0493