Principal Latisha Harvey
  • Greetings Viking Family,

    I am honored and excited to be serving the great school community of Arlington Middle School as your new principal!  As a Jacksonville native, I have been dedicated to educating and serving students in Duval County Public Schools for the past 19 years. I have served in multiple capacities throughout my career as an ELA/Reading teacher, Instructional Coach, and Assistant Principal.  In these roles, I have developed the skills and knowledge that allowed me to have a laser sharp focus on instruction and data, create systems to ensure safe and conducive school environments, foster a positive climate and culture for learning, mentor and develop teachers, and most of all touch the lives of thousands of students and families along the way. As I move into the role of principal, my philosophy will not change: “Accountability for All, Mediocrity for None!” We are all ACCOUNTABLE for who and what our school community becomes. As principal, I will navigate our journey using a Viking State of MIND- Moving Into a New Dimension! We will reach new heights, levels, and develop a new frame of mind to reach success.

    As we prepare for the 20-21 school year, I invite you all to take an active role in this year’s VIKING experience. We will be exploring what it truly means to have VIKING P.R.I.D.E. -Personally Responsible In Delivering Excellence- in all aspects of our work together. Over the past few years, AMS has been able to improve its school grade to a “C.”  We will continue to focus and strive to make Arlington “B” the strongest it can be by providing a safe, caring, and challenging educational environment that promotes learning, achievement, and EXCELLENCE for all students. It will take all of us- administrators, parents, teachers, students, and stakeholders to deliver EXCELLENCE, each and every day.

    It is my belief that our community will continue to band together, now more than ever. I trust that as caring families, staff, and partners, we will all be accountable for ensuring the success of our school community. I look forward to engaging all of our stakeholders as we plan, prepare, and take to action, efforts to continue our Viking Voyage to “Rise Above ‘C’ Level” to improve and sustain high expectations academically, while developing the whole child. I thank you in advance for entrusting our dynamic faculty and staff with your child’s educational experience. Please let me know if you have any ideas or concerns.

    Thank you for being committed to the Arlington Middle School community. If you have any questions please contact Principal Harvey or AMS Administrative Assistant, Dana Smith at (904) 720-1680.

    In Partnership,

    Latisha Harvey

    Head Viking