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    We leave nothing to chance

    Haskell is a global network of experts providing integrated design, engineering, construction, and professional services to clients and communities. We bring a history of innovation and thoughtful expertise to craft the optimal solution for every project or program, regardless of size or market. We believe in putting clients first, listening generously to understand their distinct situation, and responding with innovative solutions that emanate from their point of view. We share insights and observations openly, demonstrating our leadership within the industry and our consultative value to clients. Our breadth of expertise generates the certainty of outcomes and minimization of risk demanded in today’s complex economy.

    Guided by a heritage of service

    Haskell’s long-standing tradition of civic engagement and philanthropy reflects our values. We live and work in service to others. Our policy is to dedicate three percent of profits to charitable causes – nearly fourfold the national average. While our giving focuses on education and the arts, it also extends to other worthwhile causes and charities. With caring employees and the recent expansion of office locations, our outreach benefits new regions and programs every day.

    Sharing time and talent is just as important as financial support. During 2018, team members generously shared more than 28,000 hours with over 330 admirable organizations. In service to our communities, we honor our heritage of service and hope to leave a legacy greater than the one we inherited.  We are proud to partner with LaVilla School of the Arts!

    Phone: (904) 791-4500

    Web: www.haskell.com