Highlands Middle School Tardy Policy

  • All Highlands Middle School students are expected to arrive at school and class on time everyday, alert and willing to work effectively. However, should a student arrive to class more than 2 minutes late, the absence is considered an unauthorized/ unexcused absence.

    Tardiness is defined as the physical absence of a student in the classroom at the beginning of a regularly scheduled class. A student’s tardiness shall be excused when the reason given for tardiness is acceptable to the Principal or Designee. Examples of acceptable reasons for tardiness are the same as the examples of acceptable reasons for excused absences.


    School-Based Consequences for being tardy to school and class

    1 – 4 Tardies = Warning


    5 Tardies =

    • Teacher notifies parent and student about tardy behavior.

    • Tardy contract with the student (Copy of the contract will be sent home to parents)


    6 Tardies = Disciplinary Code 1.05 is entered into the FOCUS system by the Dean


    7 Tardies = School Detention (before school, after school, Saturday, cafeteria) or work assignments.


    8 Tardies & All additional tardies = Any formal disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.


    ** After School Detention & Saturday School Detention (Days and Times TBA)**