2023 DCPS Summer Camps


    Parents and/or Guardians,

    Welcome to another great year of Duval County Public Schools' summer camps!  We are so excited to welcome your camper(s) this summer.  The staff has been busy preparing the facilities, exploring safe activities and getting ready for an awesome summer. As the Supervisor of Community Education, I am always excited to welcome your child(ren) back to our sites each summer, and I hope you will consider having your child(ren) spend the remainder of the summer with us at one of our camp locations.

    All summer camps will operate June 12 - July 28, 2023. They will operate Monday-Friday from 8:00am–5:00pm (morning and aftercare available on a case-by-case basis and only certain sites).  Individual camp fees along with the contact information for each of our camp directors are listed below.  Online registration is now open, and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our summer camps. We are dedicated to providing your child with a safe, educational, and fun summer camp experience.

    Camp Dates: June 12 - July 28

    Days/Times: Monday-Friday from 8:00am–5:00pm (morning extended care 7am-8am and afternoon extended care 5pm-6pm)

    Camp Holiday Closures: June 19 and July 4

    *PLEASE NOTE: School facility locations are not necessarily indicative of the age groups served.  Please contact summer camp directors to verify they serve your child(ren)’s age group.


    2023 Summer Camp & Summer Extended Day Fees 

    Name Summer Camp Weekly Rates Ext. Day Weekly Rates (Optional) Start Date End Date
    Abess Park $190 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Atlantic Beach $190 No Extended Day 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Biscayne $125 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Chets Creek $245 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Crystal Springs $150 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Greenland Pines $185 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    J. Allen Axson $165 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Kernan Trail  $200 $50 6/12/2023 7/21/2023
    Loretto $150 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Mandarin Oaks $160 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    R.L. Brown $150 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Sabal Palm $130 No Extended Day 6/12/2022 7/28/2023
    San Mateo $150 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    Twin Lakes Ac. Elm. $180 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    W. Riverside $200 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023
    LaVilla $150 $50 6/12/2023 7/14/2023
    Whitehouse $125 $50 6/12/2023 7/28/2023

    *(Ext. Day Option) - Parents can opt to pay an additional cost for Extended Day


    2023 Summer Camp Directory

    School Name Email Address Phone Number
    ABESS PARK Juandalynn Conaway conawayj@duvalschools.org  220-1260
    ATLANTIC BEACH Theresa West cardillot@duvalschools.org 247-5924
    Katherine Scalzo Scalzok@duvalschools.org 247-5924
    BISCAYNE Shelton Shelton sheltons1@duvalschools.org 714-4650 
    CHETS CREEK Melissa Cody codym@duvalschools.org 992-6390 
    Patricia Wallace wallacep@duvalschools.org 992-6390 
    CRYSTAL SPRINGS Diane (Dodi) Kress kressd@duvalschools.org 693-7645 
    Rachel Demery demeryr@duvalschools.org 693-7645 
    GREENLAND PINES Lynn Ann Oleary Brown  brownl@duvalschools.org 260-5450 
    Traci Gunston gunstont@duvalschools.org 260-5450
    J. ALLEN AXSON Dora Pistro pistrod@duvalschools.org 992-3600
    KERNAN TRAIL  Debbie Mathis mathisd@duvalschools.org 220-1310 
    LAVILLA Cheryl Lunger lungerc@duvalschools.org 633-6069
    Reiko Nakajima NakajimaR@duvalschools.org 633-6069
    LORETTO Dawn Bickerstaff bickerstad@duvalschools.org 260-5800 
    Tyler Jimison jimisont@duvalschools.org 260-5800
    MANDARIN OAKS Tammy Castro CastroT1@duvalschools.org 260-5820 
    Renee Formann foremanr@duvalschools.org 260-5820 
    R.L. BROWN Arlene Cameron-Lloyd camerona@duvalschools.og 630-6570
    Raenell Woods WoodsR1@duvalschools.org 630-6570
    SABAL PALM Patrick Nix nixp@duvalschools.org 221-7169
    SAN MATEO Ronda Simmonds simmondsr@duvalschools.org 696-8750 
    TWIN LAKES AC. ELEM Michele Mauger maugerm@duvalschools.org 538-0238 
    Conchessa Fink reisc@duvalschools.org 538-0238 
    WEST RIVERSIDE Robin DePriest depriestr@duvalschools.org  381-3900 
    WHITEHOUSE Jennifer Wiseman fureyj@duvalschools.org 693-7542
    James Garren garrenj@duvalschools.org 693-7542


    Online Registration

    The fastest and easiest way to register is online! PLEASE NOTE: Completing an application for your child(ren) for one of our summer camps does not guarantee them a spot.  After the information is submitted, you will receive a phone call and/or email from a camp director with next steps and instructions on how to make an online payment. (No CASH Payments will be accepted).  If you are registering more than one child, you will need to add each child to your online Eleyo profile prior to individually registering them. Once your summer camp application is submitted, the appropriate camp director will make contact with you to provide you with additional details regarding your child(ren)’s acceptance in the program. Please click on the link below to register.

    Registration for summer camps will open on

    Monday, April 3,2023.  

    Register for Summer Camp  


    Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any additional questions about our campus procedures at communityed@duvalschools.org. 


    Darrin R. Williams, Afterschool Programs Director