District ESOL Bilingual Testers/Translators

  • Home Language Survey (HLS) is included on the registration form (online).

    Please scan and email any Home Language Survery to:


    Students must be tested within 20 days of enrollment. 

    *Please do not fax HLS to our District ESOL Office. It would not get to a District Tester*.  


    DCPS ESOL District Bilingual Testers/Translators

    Ms. Ilenia Newton -Spanish - SBB

    Ms. Valentina Rymar -Ukranian - SBB

    Ms. Marydela Andrade - Spanish - CLC

    Ms. Rana Habaib - Arabic - CLC

    Ms. Edisa Tokic - Bosnian - CLC

    Mr. Jorge Rojas - Spanish - CLC

    Ms. Raquel Cruz - Spanish - CLC

    Ms. Sandra Moreno - Spanish - CLC

    Ms. Loiana Ramos - Spanish - CLC


    Clerical Team at the Center for Language and Culture

    Ms. Gladys Montilla- Clerical Support/DLTesting/Appointments 

    Ms. Marisol Grajales - DCPS ESOL CLC Parent Liaison