• Enforcement and Compliance

    The Office of Equity and Inclusion/Professional Standards aims to improve education and skill-building for students and staff in order to create a safe environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and threats of violence or abuse.

    In addition, we address underlying issues in the school and workplace that can result in discrimination, harassment, and bullying in the school and workplace.

    We also deliver key information to students and staff about district civil rights policies and procedures, federal and state-mandated laws, ethics, and the standard of professional behavior expected in school and the workplace.

    Responsibilities Under Enforcement and Compliance Include:

    1. Conducting investigations into allegations of possible violations of the district’s non-discrimination, harassment, and retaliation policies and the Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida.
    2. Developing and recommending policies and practices related to the prevention of discrimination and prohibited conduct in our schools and workplace.
    3. Disseminating the District’s non-discrimination policy and complaint procedures to ensure they are posted in a visible location.
    4. Conducting policy reviews at our schools and facilities to inform employees and anyone associated with the District of its non-discrimination policies and procedures and the Principles of Professional Conduct.
    5. Reviewing requests, conducting site visits, and making determinations as to reasonable accommodations available under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADA).
    6. Reviewing and processing requests to commence the District's Fitness-for-Duty process pursuant to Board Policy 6.25. II.