• Duval County Public Schools 
    Employment Procedures  
    (Criminal Background and Hiring Guidelines) 

    The safety of the students of Duval County Public Schools is of paramount importance, and in compliance with Florida law, all candidates for employment or re-employment are subject to a criminal background check to determine eligibility for employment.  

    An applicant’s criminal background includes any offense for which the applicant posted bail; entered pre-trial diversion, pre-trial intervention, teen or drug court or a juvenile diversion or commitment program; had adjudication withheld, was convicted or found guilty; was placed on probation; pled guilty or no contest; was jailed or imprisoned; or appeared in court; as a juvenile or adult. Sealed records, expunged records, and military court proceedings must be disclosed.  

    For the purposes of these hiring guidelines, a conviction is defined as finding of guilt or delinquency, a plea of guilty, a plea of nolo contendere, or entering a pre-trial intervention or detention program, whether or not there was a formal adjudication of guilt, adjudication of delinquency or if the case was sealed or expunged. 
    A person is ineligible for employment with Duval County Public Schools if convicted of: 

    1.    Statutory felonies as set forth in F.S. 1012.315.*
    2.    Statutory misdemeanors as set forth in F.S. 1012.315.*
    3.    Any felony offense within the last 10 years.  Felony offenses 10 years or greater will be carefully reviewed and may result in disqualification.
    4.    Two misdemeanor offenses within the last 5 years.  Misdemeanor offenses 5 years or greater will be carefully reviewed and may result in disqualification.

    * Florida Statue 1012.315 prohibits the employment of instructional personnel or school administrators who require direct contact with students if the person has been convicted of certain felony or misdemeanor offenses including the following.  A complete list of the statutory disqualifying acts is enumerated in Florida Statue 1012.315.

    • Felony Offenses:  Related to murder, manslaughter, sexual misconduct of certain individuals, sexual battery, aggravated assault and battery, kidnapping, arson, carjacking, certain thefts and robbery, certain lewd or lascivious offenses, child abuse, luring or enticing a child, obscenity, possession of certain weapons, exhibition of firearms or weapons at certain events and resisting arrest with violence.
    • Misdemeanor Offenses:  Related to battery (if the victim was a minor) and luring or enticing a child.

    These guidelines shall not be applicable to any employee employed prior to implementation of these procedures whose criminal record was fully known to the administration at the time of hire and whom the administration concluded was suitable for employment in a particular position. However, if an employee who was hired under previous hiring guidelines is separated from the district through resignation or termination, he/she shall be subject to the current hiring guidelines when seeking reemployment.

    Other Factors Considered 
    In addition to criminal background screening results, the district’s hiring consideration shall include, but is not limited to the following guidelines: 

    Eligibility for hire under the above guidelines does not guarantee employment with Duval County Public Schools.