• Principal's Message March 19, 2020

    Good Evening Stanton families:

    This is principal Majova-Seane extending a vote of thanks to you all for your understanding and patience as we begin the transition to home-based learning. I know there are many questions right now, and we’ll do our best over the next few days to answer each of them. 

    First, I want to give you five ways to best prepare you for school next week.

    Number one, please know that this is a brand-new experience for everyone. We are exploring new territory together. Next week will be like our very first day of school all over again, and patience and flexibility will be our highest values as we get used to new routines. 

    Number two, you should begin your new routine next Monday by going to the new Duval Homeroom web site. This new website will be up by Sunday evening, and as soon as it is available, I’ll let you know.  Once that website is up, you will find everything you need to become oriented to this new home-based program.  If you don’t have technology to access the web, make sure you have filled out the technology availability survey or call 904-348-5200 to register your needs. 

    Number three, we are here to assist you. Our virtual school hours, beginning Monday, will be from 8:10a.m. – 3:15p.m. Again, our virtual school hours are as noted on the Bell Schedule I sent to you this afternoon. Teachers will be available during this time to answer questions and assist students, and our School Counselors and Administrators will also be available digitally to assist in any way we can online and over the phone. I want to emphasize that while we are available digitally, we ask that you please do not come to the school for any reason because we need to keep our work environment safe for all.  Call us and email us, and if we are not immediately available, we will get back to you as soon as possible

    Number four, please know that many of the online platforms your children will be using are ones they are already familiar with. This is because they’ve used them in class all year. They will primarily use an online app called Microsoft Teams to interact virtually with teachers and with each other. Directions on how to get to Teams will be provided in the new Duval HomeRoom website very soon.

    Finally, number five. Please do not be at all stressed about grades and turning in work right now. We’ve already extended third quarter to April 8th to give students and teachers time to manage through that work.

    I’m excited about walking into this new era of learning with our teachers, our students and our families. Thanks for your continued support and I will continue to call and email you as we have information to help guide you in this season. 

    Thanks, and have a great evening.


    Principal's Message March 18, 2020

    Dear Stanton Families,

    I hope all is well with you and your families during this unprecedented time. I know many of you have questions or might have heard pieces of information about how school will continue through April 15th. Please know that DCPS has compiled a guideline for schools called Duval Homeroom and each school is developing virtual distance learning for their students. I have been working diligently with the administration team and department heads of the school to develop a schedule and plan that will provide the instruction necessary for our students to continue their studies and growth in all of their courses. I believe, through our collaboration, that we have developed the most comprehensive and supportive path forward.

    The Duval Homeroom Distance Learning schedule for Stanton College Prep will allow for each class to meet virtually, through the DCPS “Microsoft Teams” platform, available through the student One View account. Classes will meet for 40 minutes daily following the existing 8-period schedule already in place for the 2019-2020 school year, with each class meeting every day. The reason for choosing the 8-period day with 40-minute segments was to avoid gluing children to the computer screen for 90 minutes for each class. Granted, it might look as though they are going to spend exactly 40 minutes in each class, but kindly do not take this literally because we’ve had conversations with all departments asking them to ensure that this is a more flexible leaning environment given our current status. Additionally, students will occasionally be given class time to work on assignments independently. Our teachers have worked tirelessly planning virtual focus lessons, question/answer sessions, researching videos to post, and developing guided notes to get ready for this new platform and everything we have all done through this process is with the welfare of our children in mind. Also built into the schedule is a 45 minute “Teacher Conference Time.” During this time each teacher is expected to be online and available for student questions and clarification, or to meet with small groups for differentiated instruction. Also included in the schedule is a common 30-minute lunch period. This will give students 75 minutes of flexible time in the middle of the school day while still receiving the state mandated seat time for the year.

    As part of Dr. Greene’s announcement concerning this continued instruction, she detailed that by Sunday evening, the district will launch a comprehensive website for Duval Homeroom. This site will include links and learning materials students will need.

    The end of the third quarter is extended to April 8, 2020 (teachers will submit all grades at that time). Thank you so much for traveling on this journey with us. Please give the process a chance and know that we are all in this together for our babies!!

    Have a great evening,

    Principal Majova-Seane

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