• Renewal for Former DCPS Employees and Retirees


    1. Collect documentation of appropriate renewal credit. Acceptable documentation of credit includes: SAP in-service record, ERO Transcript, TalentEd Transcript, PowerSchool Transcripts, official college transcripts, score report, completion certificates, and/or National Board Certificate copy.  For additional information regarding renewal requirements, click here.
    • If you wish to use appropriate DCPS in-service credit from previous employment, you must obtain documentation of the credit (in-service record or completion certificates) 
    • For inquiries regarding credit you have completed with DCPS, you must contact the Professional Development Office, via email at EndorsementRegistration@duvalschools.org
    • NOTE: If renewing using college credit, an official college transcript cannot be scanned and uploaded, it must be submitted to the FLDOE in paper form (no electronic copies of any kind).


    1. Scan and save the documentation of renewal credit to your desktop or thumbdrive.


    1. If you have not already done so, you must establish a new online user account at the following Department of Education Certification websitehttp://www.fldoe.org/teaching/certification/on-line-application-status-lookup-site.stml.


    1. After signing into your FLDOE account, you will click "Select" next to the Renewal Application at the top of the page.


    1. Complete the chosen application by entering your information as requested in each of the application sections.
    • During the application process, you will be prompted to choose/add a “District Affiliation.”  You will need to select “100” as your district affiliation as you are neither employed by Duval County Public Schools or a Duval County Charter School. 
    • Additionally, you will be prompted to submit “Application Attachments.”  You will need to attach your in-service record and/or certificates of completion showing you have completed the appropriate renewal credit.


    1. You will be requested to authorize payment for your application using your VISA or MasterCard.


    1. Once the application has been completed, submitted and you have attached documentation of appropriate renewal credit, you must email our office at DCPSCertificationOffice@duvalschools.org to request a CT 116 form be submitted to FLDOE verifying you have completed the appropriate renewal credit. You must include  your DOE/Certificate number in the email message (located on your Florida certificate). All in-service credit must be submitted to the FLDOE, via a CT 116 form, by an authorized public school district official.  Once we receive your email request, our office will then submit the CT 116 form on your behalf.  

    IMPORTANT:  If you are requesting a name change at the time of renewal, you must upload/attach acceptable scanned documentation to your online application.  Acceptable documentation includes Social Security Card, Driver’s License, Marriage License or Divorce Decree.