Certified Athletic Trainer- Amber Harrell, MS, LAT, ATC

Amber Harrell
  • Amber is a graduate from Florida State University where she obtained a B.S. Degree in Athletic Training and Jacksonville University where she obtained a M.S. Degree in Kinesiological Sciences. Amber is a proud product of the Duval County Public Schools system. She is excited about the opportunity to serve the community of student-athletes at Edward H. White High School.

    From personal experience Amber knows how critical it is to have a certified athletic trainer in the high school setting. She participated in sports in high school where a certified athletic trainer would have positively impacted athletes on and off the field. Amber believes having a certified athletic trainer is a great benefit to student-athletes. Amber's philosophy is prevention is the best medicine. It is her mission to educate athletes, coaches, and parents on injury prevention techniques to keep student-athletes safe. With this initiative it is her goal to reduce injury rates and keep the playing fields safer. Amber has the skills to prevent, recognize, manage, and rehabilitate sports-related injuries as well as respond to emergency situations.

    Primary Contact Information:

    (904) 537-2836