• Athletes should be educated on the importance of maintaining proper hydration as well as methods available to monitor hydration status. This will help with optimal performance and reduce the risk of heat-related illness.

Urine Color Chart
  • Getting ready before physical activity: 

    • Athletes should consume 17-20 ounces of water or sports drink 2-3 hours prior to physical activity.  
    • An additional 7-10 ounces should be consumed within 10-20 minutes prior to practices/games.

    Keeping up during physical activity:

    • Athletes should consume 7-10 ounces of fluids approximately every 20 minutes of physical activity.  
    • Breaks should be scheduled more frequently as the temperature, humidity, or heat index increases.
    • Athletes should be provided constant unrestricted access to water or sports drink throughout practices/games.

    Recovery after physical activity:

    • Athletes should consume 20 ounces of fluids per pound of body weight lost during physical activity.