• Injured Student Athletes:


    • Treatment priorities are as follows:
      • Athletes with away games.
      • Athletes with home games.
      • Athletes with practice.
      • New injury evaluations.
      • Injury treatments and evaluations


    • Athletes are responsible for reporting all injuries to an Athletic Trainer as soon as possible.


    • You are not “cleared” from a concussion injury until our team physician and an Athletic Trainer has notified both the coach and the parents.


    • All concussions follow the exact same protocol and are reported to administration in the event academic accommodations are needed.


    • State law and school board policy require all paperwork to be completed before participation in sports.


    • State law and school board policy require a written note from the treating physician for any sports injury prior to return to play.


    • Student-Athletes are responsible for reporting for their rehabilitation.


    • Parents/guardians will be contacted if any injury will result in loss of time from practice or games. The student-athlete will also be sent home with a business card in case the parent shall need to contact the Athletic Trainers.


    • Even with a doctor’s note, the return to play of the student-athlete is ultimately up to the Athletic Trainers.
Last Modified on May 19, 2020